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Name: Soam Nim, Female Age: 28 (1975) Joined the [Khmer Rouge] Revolution: 15 May 1974 Position: Group Leader Home Village: Prek Thmei Sub-district, District 18, Region 25, Kandal Province

Told by Soam Nim, 55 Years old (2002) In 1974, they (the Khmer Rouge) began recruiting for the military; I volunteered to joint them, because I thought that doing this was better than being a normal citizen, who was subjected to intense labors like constructing dikes and dams.

Also I would have better food. My father did not want me to do so, but I was determined, for I did not want to be looked down on. My father had been a very strong man, but on the day I departed he cried. The Khmer Rouge destroyed my family. During the regime, we were starved and separated. We rarely met. I did not believe what they taught me, but I could do nothing because all were under their control; to save our lives we had to do what we were told to.

Location Phnom Penh, South East Asia, Vietnam, Asia
Continent Asia Country Vietnam
State South East Asia City Phnom Penh
Weather sunny at day, heavy rain at night Temperature hot
Day Phnom Penh Activity S21
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