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Khoeung BuoySor Deputy Secretary, Company 502 Told by his sister, Khocung Guek Leang, age 36 and mother, Bakk Ly, age 75 Sa-ang District, Kandal Province

Buoy Sor was our village chief before the revolution. But conflicts arose because he wouldn't allow the people here to sell their corn, and another villager accused him of loving his daughter. Because he didn't want to cause a problem for our family, he joined the Khmer Rouge. I don't know what his position was.

Once, before 1975, he came home with a friend. He brought needles and medicine, and was very thin. He didn't say anything about his work; I don't think he wanted us to know. But he did tell us he would be back when the country was peaceful. We never heard from him again.

Before the Khmer Rouge were overthrown, some of their soldiers came to our village to make people write their biographies. The only ones at home were old people in their 80s; they were interrogated and killed. The soldiers also asked some people about my brother what nationality he was, what kind of person he was, and so on.

Later we heard that he was sit to Frey Su prison for re-education and then arrested and sent to S-21 [Tuol Sleng prison]. I think my brother is dead because twenty years have gone by and he still haven't come home. Now we are at peace; if he were still alive, he would have come back. I haven't seen him in all this time, even in my dreams.

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