introduction to tuol sleng, sad stories


In the past "TUOL SLENG "Museum was one of the secondary schools in the capital, called "Tuol Svay Prey" highSchool. After the 11th ,April 1975 Pol Pot clique had transformed it into a prison called "S-21"( Security office 21 ) which was the biggest in Kampuchea Democratic . It was surrounded with the double wall of corrugated iron , surmounted by dense barbed wires.

The classrooms on the ground and the first floors were pierced and divided into individual cells, whereas the ones on the second floor used for mass detention.

Several thousands of victims (peasants, workers, technicians, engineers, doctors, teachers, students buddhist monks, ministers, Pol Pot's Cadres soldiers of all ranks, the Cambodian Diplomatic corps, foreigners, etc..) were imprisoned and exterminated with their wives and their children.

There are a lot of evidences here proving the atrocities of Pol Pot clique.

Cells, instruments of torture; documents, list of prisoner's names, mugshoots of victims, their clothes and their belongings. We founded the mass graves surrounding, and in particular, the most ones situated 15 Km in the southwest of Phnom Penh , in the village of Chhoeung Ek District Dangkor Kandal Province.

Location Phnom Penh, South East Asia, Vietnam, Asia
Continent Asia Country Vietnam
State South East Asia City Phnom Penh
Weather sunny at day, heavy rain at night Temperature hot
Day Phnom Penh Activity S21
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