ly chun leng, sad stories

Ly Chhun Leng Combatant, Division 920

Told by his sister, An Chhun Y, age 60 Kang hfeas District, Kampong Cham Province

Lon Nod soldiers came to collect Lang in 1970; if he hadn't gone, they would have arrested him. But after 15 days, he ran away to the forest to become a Pol Pot soldier. My parents didn't want him to do this, but Leng thought he would be killed if had stayed in the village. No one could sleep there after 1971 because they were dropping bombs day and night.

The first time Leng visited home was in 1975 after the liberation. There were two bodyguards with him; they came by car and were carrying guns. The second time, he told me he had become the chief of a division in Mondul Kiri province. He said it was difficult in the forest because he had to escape the bombs and a lot of mosquitoes bit him. He also gave me advice: if they told me to work, I had to work hard or they would kill me.

A woman named Sieng who worked with Leng told me that they arrested him around 1978. Her husband was also arrested, and I think they were killed together. The Khmer Rouge told my brother they were sending him to a meeting, but they were lying. After they arrested Leng, the Khmer Rouge accused me of being a high-class person and asked the villagers about my biography. I dared not argue with them.

Later, the fortunetellers told me that my brother was still alive and living on the Thai border. I went there three years ago, but coUldn't find him. They cheated me out of 60,000 riels.

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