koy thuon, sad stories

Koy Thuon Secretary of the North Zone, Minister of Commerce and Central Committee Member

Im Sakhan Member, Region 42, North Zone Told by Im Sakhan's niece, Sok Rany, age 47 Srey Santhor District, Kampong Cham Province

My aunt met Koy Thuon when she was a student and he was a teacher. Thuon was a very popular man who always smiled. When he visited home, he gave things to our family, like clothes and watches, so that we could have a better standard of diving. Sakhan was the same.

When they arrested Thuon, they accused him of being immoral, saying he had over 100 women. At first I didn't believe them. but Later I didn't know. They also stripped him of his rank and made him resign, saying he was CIA. The Khmer Rouge announced his arrest at a meeting. I heard they wanted to arrest his relatives, too, so I was afraid. After that, the Khmer Rouge asked me how I felt about having an uncle in the CIA. So I blamed Thuon and cursed him. When Thuon's daughter Min heard that her father had been arrested, her face fell and she could not sleep. She said she didnt know if Thuon had betrayed her. After that, they told her she would be moving to another place.

Sakhan was arrested a little later. Because she was pregnant, the Angkar waited to do this until after the baby was born. People said the Khmer Rouge had a one-inch thick dossier on her. All seven of her children were killed.

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