suos thy, sad stories

Name: Suos Thy, Male Age: 26 (1977) 51 years old (2002) Joined the [Khmer Rouge] Revolution: 3 August 1971 Position: Clerk, Prisoner Lists at S-21 Home Village: Koh Khel Sub-district,District 20, Region 25, Kandal Province

In 1976,I worked in the documentation unit of S-21. In 1981, I was imprisoned in T-3 prison for three years. I feel it is very unjust to be imprisoned while the Khmer Rouge leaders are free. The murderous regime was created by them and they must be prosecuted for this according to the law. This is for justice. I am not trying to defend myself. When I heard that the Khmer Rouge leaders said they were not aware of the existence of Tuol Sleng prison, I laughed in disbelief. This prison was huge, not a simple project, and it's founders had to hold top positions in the revolution. Moreover, prisoners were brought in from all over the country. No one dared to arrest people in regions and bases. Only a fool would believe them. These leaders are definitely lying to us. Not only me but also illiterate people do not believe them.

Location Phnom Penh, South East Asia, Vietnam, Asia
Continent Asia Country Vietnam
State South East Asia City Phnom Penh
Weather sunny at day, heavy rain at night Temperature hot
Day Phnom Penh Activity S21
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