graveyard doll

Summary: A fine day in Hakodate, I accidentally wandered to a cemetery. I picked up a doll on the road and put it in my backpack. Later, I felt something crawling on my back. This is a true story, directly extracted from my travel journal entry on 2006-10-31 from 8:01 am to 9:19am.

ichimatsu doll i picked up in the cemetery
grave of ishikawa takuboku family
tomb of silence
tomb of the firemen
poem monument of yosano hirosh
family tomb

Beside the PDA incident, I didn't encounter any strange phenomenons that day. But later I did feel something was strange. That's why I donated the doll to a shrine. I have recorded the rest of the incidents in the travel journal I kept in my PDA, but I won't talk about it here. It shall lie as a secret, until the rechargeable battery dried up and the memory faded into none existence.

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