ghost face

Is it dust or is it face? Someone emailed me about a face he/she saw in my photos. The two photos (#1 & #2 below) were both taken from the 2nd floor in the Hakodate City Museum of Photographic History. Since both photo were taken from the same place, and the face appeared in the same shape on both photos, so they must be painted on the wall (for some unknown reason). Later, when I sorted through my photos, I found photo #3. Photo #3 has a face on the floor this time. And since it wasn't taken too far from #1 and #2 so I guessed they could be some special local custom to paint these kind of faces on the walls and floors (for protection from evil?). I just found it funny to see these faces. Those photos were taken from the Hakodate Gallery, all the 3 photos were taken between 5:00pm and 7:00pm on 2006/10/31. There were all geocoded (my GPS ran out of memory so some photos were manually geocoded).

hakodate city museum of photographic history
 cameras in photographic museum
 old hakodate public hall

I had visited the cemetery earlier at the morning, and I found a in the cemetery. I am not sure if it's related to that incident. If you find any "faces" on my photos, can you let me know? My email address is at the bottom of this page (use contact webmaster).

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