dinner at com viet, food--hanoi

It is north of Hilton opera Hanoi, south of water puppet. A fine dinning restaurant with lots of seafood selection. Not too expensive for veggie choices, around US$5 to 7 total With live music performance I ordered a morning glory, fried sweet potato leaves, tofu, and a seven up. The food was pretty good, but too much for 1 person (the waitress didn't stop me, instead she encouraged me to order more). I ended up paying 111000D, i.e. around US$6. The food I ordered were good for 3 people

Location Halong Bay City, Ha Noi, South East Asia, Vietnam, Asia
Continent Asia Country Vietnam
State South East Asia City Halong Bay City, Ha Noi
Weather Sun, Rain Temperature Hot
Event Bus Day Day Bus to Hanoi
Activity dinner at Com Viet restaurant
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