Road Kill in Hanoi

The country I was born in are known for the best road crosser in the world, we can cross almost any road anywhere, legally or illegally. I've travelled to many continents, numerous countries, for me, no road is uncrossable. But in Hanoi, I finally met my challenge. This six million people city is crowded with four million mopeds, not those sissy, docile as a lamb kind of moped, but the ferocious, kill your m*****-f***** kind. They give new meaning to all terrain. They show up on roads, alleys, pavement, markets, shopping malls and even your bedroom. Nowhere is safe in Hanoi. Every road you cross is a gamble to death. Until you master the skill of road crossing, you shall forever stuck on one side of the road. But fear not, it is not as complicated as you think. The road conditions can be divided into three stages:

Stage 1: green light of walking death trap

This stage happens when the green people light is solidly green. In any place of the world, it means safe road crossing, but in Vietnam, it is the best time for those killer moped to prey on innocent tourists. Crossing at this stage can be deadly.

Stage 2: flashing green light of imminent death

This stage begins when the little green walking people starts flashing. That's the time all those killer moped roar their engines and jump on the slow walkers. Crossing at this stage will cause imminent death.

Stage 3: red light of ugly death

This stage starts before the walking people turns red. Crossing at this stage can result at a more ugly death than any road kill you ever seen. In short, crossing at any stage in Hanoi is a gamble with death. A master swordsman understands no matter how skilful they are, they will eventually die under the sword, there isn't any safe battle in the world. Same goes for a master road crosser. As long as you signed a will and buy a big insurance, you shall be ready to cross the road in Hanoi. Your life is not in your hands. Understand that death is but a return to the land of before born. If you can master these mindsets, road crossing at any stage is an opportunities to the new land of the other side. More Articles
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