journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Angkor Wat

Oct 20, 2008 Mon
03:00Angkor Wat
09:27Preah Khan
Built by Jayavarman VII, dedicated to his father Dharanindravarman
09:49 elephant in front of bayon temple
09:52 north gate of angkor thom
09:53 north gate
09:58Garuda or kala
10:00tug of war - devas
10:02 tug of war - demons
10:08 west entrance
10:10 base of statues
10:12 hindu hermits
10:13 center stupa in preah khan
10:16 apsara
10:17kings way
10:19aspara dancing hall
10:21east entrance for the king
10:23 library
10:25 library
10:29 hindu god
10:36 preah khan temple
one demon, one angel
means sacred sword
used to be in library, now lost
used to be Buddhist University in Jayavarman VII times,
then converted to Hinduism,
then back to Buddhist
some statue were Buddhist with flat meditation,
then Hindu with upward legs.
the holes in the Stupa were for statues
the gates are in a mirror shape,
getting smaller as it goes so people need to bow as it goes into the center stupa which has no ashes.
same for north and south, except the east gate where the king enters
10:39 south gate
angel and demon
10:45 echo room
10:47 preah khan temple
10:47 south entrance
10:50 elephant tree in preah khan
10:51 preah khan east entrance
10:53 preah khan tree roots
10:53 elephant trunk tree
10:53 elephant trunk tree
10:53 spun tree
10:53 meditation in preah khan
10:53 old roots
10:53 preah khan tree roots
10:54 rooted window
10:59 preah khan temple
2nd largest after Angkor Wat
11:03 churning of the ocean of milk
11:04 tug of war - side of the asuras
11:04 entrance to neak pean
11:06 pussy tree
11:29 neak pean
11:32 prasat neak pean
11:32 prasat neak pean
11:34 sculpture on prasat neak pean
11:34 green of prasat neak pean
11:35 tunnel
11:40 healing serpent
11:48Ta Som
11:56ta som
11:56 ta som west gopura
11:59 ta som west gate sculpture
11:59 ta som sculpture
12:01 ta som gopura face
12:02 trang
12:02 ta som east gopura
ficus altissima
12:04 ta som east gopura
ficus altissima
12:05 ta som west gopura
12:08 ta som lotus flower
12:09 ta som lingam
12:10 hindu god of ta som
12:12 ta som gopura
12:30 siem reap family car
12:35 north gate of angkor thom
12:36 elephant crossing sign
every Saturday free concert
13:41Ta Prohm
14:02 ta prohm gopuras
14:10 west entrance for ta prohm
14:15spung tree
14:17Buddha tree
14:18 buddha tree
tetrameles nudiflora datiscaceae
14:22 ta prohm
tetrameles nudiflora datiscaceae
14:23 green of ta prohm
14:25 ta prohm court yard
14:25 ta prohm doorway
14:26 spung tree
14:27 ta prohm temple
14:27 ancient roots
14:28 rajavihara roots
14:29 courtyard of ta prohm
14:29 courtyard of ta prohm
14:29 courtyard of ta prohm
14:31 ta prohm roots
14:31 ta prohm roots
14:32 tomb raider temple
14:38 laura croft tree
14:41 lady butt tree
14:44gem holes wall
14:47 center of universe
14:49 strangler fig trees
14:50 ta prohm strangler fig trees
14:50 rooted entrance
14:51 ta prohm gateway
14:52 naga heads
14:53 silk cottonwood
14:55 courtyard of ta prohm
14:57 ta prohm spider
15:05 exit of ta prohm
15:08 temple and roots
15:08 taprohm tree
15:17 ta prohm child
15:22Banteay Srei
15:25Pre Rup
15:57 lotus water
16:03 cow of banteay srei
16:07 entrance to banteay srei
banteay means citadel
srei means lady
16:21 base of lingam
16:22 wall green
16:24 doorway of banteay srei
16:24 banteay srei
16:26 stone window
16:28 monkey guards
16:29 towers of banteay srei
16:30 indian god sitting on kali
16:32 banteay srei
16:32 banteay srei monkeys
16:43Landmine museum
16:54 landmine museum
16:56 shells in landmine museum
17:00 landmine
17:01 killer landmine
17:17Pre Rup
17:27 racing for sunset
17:36 sunset of pre rup
17:40 pre rup
17:41 stone lion of pre rup
17:48 pre rup tower
17:50 lion king
17:52 stone lions
17:53 stone lion of pre rup
18:30give blood
but they closed at 1:00pm, earlier next time
19:34dinner at temple
along the bar street
with live performance of traditional dancing
a good choice to spend the night
20:07fried mix veggie at the temple
23:59Angkor Way Hotel
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