tug of war - side of the asuras, preah khan

from the book Mahabharata devas held tail asuras (demons) held head the naga is Vasuki devas and demons fought for Amrita (the Elixir for Immortality) but no result so Vishnu asked them to work together. so they churn the milk of ocean used mount madara as the pivot and Basuki as the rope later mountain sank so Vishnu incarnated himself as the tortoise Kurma and used his back to support the mountain.

before producing the Amrita (elixir of immortality), the ocean of milk was churned for another 1000 years also produced Lakshmi (wife of Vishnu), the elephant Airavata, the horse Ucchaishravas, a wishing tree and a lovely Apsaras.

Once produced, fight between devas and asuras to get Amrita. Vishnu intervened and helped gods to win. When peace was made, Indra was reinstalled as the king of gods.

Location Siem Reap, South East Asia, Cambodia, Asia
Continent Asia Country Cambodia
State South East Asia City Siem Reap
Weather sunny Temperature hot
Day Angkor Wat Activity Preah Khan
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