journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Bus to Hanoi

Oct 07, 2008 Tue
03:00Bus to Hanoi
06:54Breakfast on Boat
08:03Return to Halong Pier
08:09Halong city
08:30Bus to Hanoi
10:35Handicraft shop
12:34Victory Hotel at Hanoi
Arrive Victory Hotel
The hotel is about 30 minutes from the old town area
Satellite TV, Hot Shower, Air con etc
The room is rather compact, and not the 3 stars standard but better than your average guest house.
13:34City walk
13:38Caf? 252
14:03 fried veggie noodle at cafe 252
The noodles tasted OK
16:00 praying for peace or female organ
16:03 ngoc son temple
16:04 dragon and tiger gate
16:04 sky tower
16:06 chess man
16:07 ho guom tortoises
16:11 tortoise tower - urn
16:14 tortoise tower - bonsai
16:24 cam tu cho to quoc quyet sinh
19:45 hilton opera house
20:04dinner at Com Viet restaurant
It is north of Hilton opera Hanoi, south of water puppet.
A fine dinning restaurant with lots of seafood selection.
Not too expensive for veggie choices, around US$5 to 7 total
With live music performance
I ordered a morning glory, fried sweet potato leaves, tofu, and a seven up.
The food was pretty good, but too much for 1 person (the waitress didn't stop me, instead she encouraged me to order more).
I ended up paying 111000D, i.e. around US$6. The food I ordered were good for 3 people
20:13 dinner at com viet
They were celebrating Saigon reunification with Vietnam.
20:47Concert in font of Hilton Opera House
20:56 hanoi hilton
21:15 hanoi anniversary celebration
21:22 hoitu toa sang
21:25 dem hoi thang long ha noi
21:28 ha noi entertainment night
21:37Tortoise tower
21:39 tortoise tower - thap rua
23:59Victory Hotel
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