kada-awashima jinja

In Hakodate, I found a ichimatsu doll. I travelled all over Japan, carrying her in my backpack. Some strange things happened to me (which I don't want to elaborate too much). A monk I met in Kyoto told me about Awashima, but I thought he was talking about some restaurants in Kyoto. Another monk I met in tea house (who speak better English) told me to go to Kada near Wakayama. Wakayama was in my Lonely Planet Book, but Kada wasn't. So I did a search on Google using "wakayama kada shrine" and the second listing return "Awashima Jinja" (which reminded me about the monk's words in Kyoto). It didn't take me long to figure out how to get there. Finally I arrived at Awashima Jinja (the doll shrine). I dropped my doll in a green plastic donation box in front of the shrine office. Instantly, my shoulder felt lighter (of course, the doll was quite heavy). I said goodbye to her and began taking pictures around the shrine.

stone water basin
awashima jinja
bears in awashima jinja
frogs on a leaf
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