Capitol Reef - Cassidy Arch

Oct 10, 2012 Wed
07:47Capitol Reef - Cassidy Arch
07:49wake 7.45
slept 9.00 and 12.00 (LI)
fruita camp
only $10
nice place, not much privacy though...bathroom ok
lots of maples, next to gifford farm
full at or before noon
Not feeling well last night but this morning ready to hike
09:22Echo cliff
09:31Cassidy trail
10:10Cassidy arch
10:49Cassidy arch
10:51Cassidy arch
10:59Grand wash road
11:02Grand wash road
11:30Fry pan trail
12:52Grand wash
14:45Slick rock divide
15:00Capitol Gorge
15:11Capitol Gorge
15:17Prospector register
15:18Prospector register
15:46Rock slide
15:52The tank
15:58The tank
16:05Another tank
16:36Golden Throne
17:01The Fluted wall
17:07Twin Rocks
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