Capitol Reef National Park

Oct 09, 2012 Tue
09:39Capitol Reef National Park
09:43wake 7.38
slept 11.10
Goblin valley camp
16 including entrance
shower and good washroom
visitor center staff extremely unhelpful, asked her if camp is full, she said no, but give no hint that I have to register with her, so drove to camp site, find no place for registertation and I have to drove back to visitor center to register
when asked her about trail, she remained unhelpful... like she didn't want to talk. She was not impolite though.
09:44rock camp
all those iron sculpture and goat
10:31Capitol Reef visitor center
11:18Gifford Museum
12:19Fruita school house
12:27Great horn sheep pictograph
12:46Hickman Bridge
12:47Pectols pyramid
12:51Capitol dome
12:57Capitol dome
12:59Capitol dome
13:21Pectols Pyramid
13:24Heckman Bridge
13:31Heckman Bridge
13:35Pectols pyramid
14:00Navajo Dome
the pointy one
14:09Behnum cabin
15:47Burr Switchback
last: the dirt road before
16:10Grand Staircase-Escalande Park
17:58Chimney rock
last twin ock
18:07Sunset point
18:59the castle
19:28Return to Fruita camp
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