Goblin Valley State Park

Oct 08, 2012 Mon
12:07Goblin Valley State Park
12:09wake 8.00
slept 11.50
knight inn 56+ tax
no fridge or microwave
shower not working too well
otherwise pretty average motel
breakfast is a coupon in the west wind restaurant
the pancake is pretty big
12:16Camping in goblin valley park
$16 including entrance fee
good bathroom, maintaince is a bit poor
visitor center is also a bit slow....
site is pretty but with lots of ants
12:33Temple Mountains
12:45Curtis Bench Trail
13:16Henry Mountain
The signs are poorly marked, one said 2.1 miles another said 3 miles... the actual distant is closer to 2.1 miles round trip not one way
13:44Curtis Formation
15:35Galaxy quest goblins
16:38Carmel trail
didn't go, walked to Goblin Valley instead
17:05Sea lion stone
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