Mounment Valley

Oct 01, 2012 Mon
08:14Mounment Valley
08:15woke up 8.00am
slept 10.10pm
11:50Lunch at View Restaurant
food is expensive but view is great
12:47Mounment valley
12:49West Mitten Butte
12:54East Mitten butte
12:56Maverick Butte
12:59Maverick Butte
13:01Maverick Butte
13:11Three sisters
a catholic nun facing two students
13:13Three sisters
a catholic nun facing two students
13:18Camel Butte
13:20Three sisters
13:23Three sisters
13:27Camel Butte
13:35Rain god mesa
13:36Rain god mesa
13:39Rain god mesa
13:54Sand springs
and Bird springs
14:00Sand springs
and Bird springs
14:01the cube
14:02Spearhead mesa
14:06Spearhead mesa
14:09Spearhead mesa
14:11Spearhead mesa
14:13Spearhead mesa
14:20Spearhead mesa
from artist point
14:21Artist point
14:25spear point
14:30Clay Butte
14:33North Windows
14:33North Windows
14:37Camel Butte
15:47San juan inn
15:52Mexican hat rock
16:08Valley of the Gods
16:12Sitting hen
a small interesting looking town
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