Death Valley Scottys Castle

Sep 15, 2012 Sat
09:39Death Valley Scottys Castle
09:40woke up at 6.30 for sunrise
slepy around 10.00 to 12.00pm
10:25Solar Panel Heated Water
11:38Firewood from rail tracks
Johnson bought the firewood for cheap but never got to use them all
11:43Grave of Death Valley Scotty
12:19Scottys bedroom
12:24Scottys shotgun hole
12:29Lower Music room
12:33Dinning room
originally a library
12:37Dinning room
china curl because of the heat of the death library
hottest place on earth
where Albert Johnson eats
12:47Bessies bedroom
Bessie is Johnsons wife
very religious
12:49Bessies bed
12:54guest room
35 dollars
about 500 todays dollar
12:55Guest room
12:56Budget guest room
12:59Upper music room
13:02Automatic organ playing
13:04Music Room
cost 50k to build
whole music will cost around 1.3 to 1.5 millions
13:51Ubehebe crater
about 2000 years old
14:20Little Hebe
14:21Big Hebe
15:49Twenty Mule Team
Harmony Borax work
15:55Harmony Borax work refinery
16:50Artist drive
17:13Artist palette
17:43Devils golf course
18:54natural bridge
19:00waterfall formation
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