Death Valley Mesquite Dunes

Sep 14, 2012 Fri
09:52Death Valley Mesquite Dunes
09:56woke up at 9:00
slept at 12:20 last night
dream about giving a speech about humor unprepared...
talking about the philosphy of humor
Socrates said humor was when unforntunate things happened to others....
would speak in 3 language bc I am unprepared...
history about humor
Prometheus steal humor from God
Science of humor
Science is about dissecting frogs and figure out what is inside....
13:42Padre Crowley Point
15:59Mosaic Canyon
16:59Mesquite Flat Dunes
22:08Sleep at Misquiet Creek Camp
about 29c
watching stars with open windows, not too hot, quite nice
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