Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Tinghir To Merzouga

Oct 26, 2010 Tue
08:00Tinghir To Merzouga
10:41Pending transport to Town
10:56:01 Transport
hotel total paid 1400
700 = 610 + 90 tips
700 = 300+ 350 + 50 tips
11:37Arrive Tinghir
4:00pm bus to Merzouga By SupraTour, price: 80d
also a 1:00pm bus (not from SuraTour)? not sure...
14:13 tinghir monument
Photo taken From Tinghir Internet Service
2hr for 8 d
14:17 tinghir wall
14:45Lunch at Tinghir Caf´┐Ż Restaurant Riafallah
ordered a berber omelet for 40d
at the South West Corner of the mounment plaza
Bread is cold
14:51 chicken seller
15:03 berber omelet in la festival
15:20 tinghir farmland
15:22 hotel saghro
next to the Kasbah
15:24 hotel saghro
next to the Kasbah
15:24 kasbah glaoul
15:26 kasbah glaoul window
15:26 kasbah glaoul
is a garbage dump
15:28 kasbah glaoul
is a garbage dump
15:28 kasbah glaoul
15:33 tinghir
16:09Waiting for Supratours to Merzouga
16:45Bus To Merzouga
Finally... after 45 mins delay
Bus to Fez from Merzouga (supraTour) 7:00pm
17:13 bus to merzouga
21:57 hotel raid totmaroc
450d per night, include dinner and breakfast
Ali (the owner) seems to be more interested at watching football then serving his guest, can't blame him, his staff Foaud seems to do the welcoming task well enough.
(Later I found out he was actually Mohammed, a nephew of Ali, no wonder. Ali actually care about his business, I saw him fixing the toilet himself later on)
22:05 room in hotel raid totmaroc
22:08 dung beetle on blue carpet
22:08 dung beetle on carpet
22:34 dinner at totmaroc
If I knew they were going to feed me so well late at night, I wouldn't have swallowed up the two bowls of welcome peanuts a bit earlier....
22:44 vegeterian omelet at totmaroc
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