Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

To Boumaline du Dades

Oct 18, 2010 Mon
05:00To Boumaline du Dades
11:26Bus from Marrakech (Ouarzazate)
Saw a Japanese guy who read Haruki Murakami, who doesn't speak English an doesn't want to speak to me. I guess people who read Murakami are not the sociable type (myself included)
11:46Waiting for bus to Boumalne
Bus leaving for Boumalne
The bus driver, like the last one, drive like a manic
13:32 big boulders in valley of roses
14:29 boumaline du dades bus to dades valley
16:02Hotel Vieux Chateau du Dades
Full board 300d
16:07 hotel vieux chateau du dades
Full half-board 300d (Breakfast and Dinner)
Room is simple, but has river view.
Because the hot water is from burning wood, so it is not very reliable, especially on 2nd floor.
16:55 vieux chateau
16:57 le vieux chateau dudades
17:00 auberge le veux chateau
19:44Dinner Time at Vieus Chateau
From nowhere, groups of tourists suddenly appears... My dream of seclusion shattered like an crushed egg. It looked rather foolish for me to sit among a group of strangers. Where is my place in the world?

I tried to hide but here I am, alone in the crowd. Night surrounds me, my island of silence disappeared in darkness. I have to lose myself in typing... That make me look kind of busy. And busy people don't look as foolish as people having nothing to do?

20:18 veggie tagine in vieux chateau du dades
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