the flood, tinghir

Rainfall. I left the hotel by myself, arming only with my umbrella. I wasn?t planning to wander far. When I crossed the river, it was completely dry. I lingered on the other bank, strolling here and there, with no particular destination in mind. Then I saw the water. Still, I thought nothing of it. I always expected the change of nature was gradual, like the shaping of mountain and the traveling of glacier. Perhaps there would be a little bit of flooding, no worry, I got Gortex boots. The hotel staffs on the opposite bank urged me to run. What?s the hurry? It was only a bit of rain. Then I saw the tip of the flood, it didn?t flow like a tame kitty like I expected, instead it roared like a thousand lions and rushed like a million stallions.

The shouting from the other bank urged me to run and run I did, with all my life and all my strength. The water was only a few feet away as I crossed the river. When I looked back, the once dried river was packed with a giant monster of running mud. The line between life and death was only a second away.

That was my Indiana Jones moment, feeling foolish yet heroic.

Direction Same location as last photo
Location Boumalne, Tinghir, Dades Valley, Todra Gorge, Morocco, Africa
Info F 4.5 1/320 ISO 640 with Canon PowerShot G11
Keywords Africa, Aftersleep, Europe, Lazyhiker, Morocco, Photo, Spain, Travel
Continent Africa Country Morocco
State Dades Valley, Todra Gorge City Boumalne, Tinghir
Weather Sunny, Rain Event Morocco to Spain
Day Boumalne To Todra Gorge Activity Le Festival
Date 2010:10:23 15:58:03 Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot G11 Rating 3
Lens 6.1-30.5 mm Flash Off, Did not fire
Focal 30.5 mm Exposure 1/320
F Number 4.5 ISO 640
White Bal. Auto Metering Multi-segment
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 32.11 m
Latitude 31.6201472222222 Longitude -5.56168611111111
Altitude 1562.280029 m File Size 2.3 MB
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