Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Flight To Vancouver

Nov 20, 2010 Sat
08:00Flight To Vancouver
09:33Going to Airport by Subway Gran Via
09:51 madrid subway
10:19 madrid airport
10:38Finish Check in
11:46Fly to Amsterdam
11:46:58 Waiting for boarding
13:29:14 Prepare to take off (official time was 1:10pm)
15:22:07 Approaching Amsterdam
13:24 amsterdam airport
15:33 amsterdam
15:35 amsterdam air control tower
15:52Amsterdam Airport
15:58Passing Security Lineup
The security Lineup is HUGE.... wait... it is only the passport control....
16:11Pass through Passport control
not too slow after all
16:18:15 Arrive Boarding Gate... even before boarding time
Not everyone needs to pass the body scanner....
17:15Fly To Vancouver
17:15:32 After much hassle, finally onboard to Vancouver... changed seat to KLM Economic Comfort class, don't notice any difference, except for a small piece orange napkin that says economic comfort class... wait I guess there is a bit more leg room, if not for the life jacket....
18:04:48 Some trouble for emergency exit... fixing said would take 15 minutes... flight still on ground...
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