Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Granada to Madrid

Nov 17, 2010 Wed
07:00Granada to Madrid
08:33To Bus Station
08:37:50 Wait for Bus 3 or 33 to Granada Bus Station from Via Colon Street
08:58Arrive Granada Bus Station
09:27 granada bus station
Bus from Granada to Madrid
Company: ALSA
Price: 16 (normal), 32 (Superior)
Time: ... 9:00, 10:00, 13:00, 14:00....
5 Hours (Faster for Supra)
10:00 and 14:00 has Supra+
10:01Bus to Madrid
Leaving on time....
Supra+ Class
... and Granada starts to rain, perfect timing....
10:32 bus from granada to madrid
Supra class
with WiFi and Electric Plug for Laptop
I am a person living without a story, there is no drama in my life, with neither misfortune nor joy. Life is like a straight line, no curves nor angles....
14:38 madrid bus station
going metro
15:46 pension arcos
All three star hotels are full, so I checked in this cozy 1 star hotel....
price: 35� include bathroom for 3 nights, with TV and air con, central heating, no soap, but has towels
and I can tap in to the 3 star wifi downstairs

16:24Museo Reina Sofia
16:27Madrid Train Station
16:28Minister Building
16:30Minister of Agricultural
16:33 lion of madrid train station
16:36Train Station
16:42Dinner at Doner Istambul
next to Reina Sofia
quick eat before museum
around 6.5� (15c tips.... I am so stingy)
16:47 falafel dinner at doner istambul
17:04Reina Sofia
Entry: 7�
Audio commentary is OK.
This is the only museum that can fit into a half day visit and the only museum that allows Photo (no flash)
17:22 richard serra
17:31Francis Picabia
17:32Artwork 391
17:34Pablo Picasso 1973
17:36The secret of courtship by Rene Magritte
17:36Red Birds by Max Ernst
17:37Belomancia I by Ives Tanguy 1927
17:38The Red Stain by Joan Miro 1925
17:39Pastoral by Joan Miro 1924
17:40Head and Spider by Joan Miro 1925
17:42The Family in a state of Metamorphosis 1929 by Andre Masson
17:43Man with a pipe 1925 by Joan Miro
17:44Head of a Smoker 1925 by Joan Miro
17:46Benjamin Palencia - Untitled 1935
17:48Indestructible Object 1933 by Man Ray
a Replica
17:49Still -life 1926 by Salvador Dali
17:50Still Life 1925 by Benjamin Palencia
17:52Dance of the Ties by Francisco Bores
17:52Two women by Ramon Gaya
17:54Still Life by Salvador Dali
17:54Bust and Palette 1925 by Pablo Picasso
17:56Sin Title 1933 by Manuel Angeles Ortiz
17:57Dancer 1929 by Alberto Sanchez
17:58Two Figures 1926 by Salvador Dali
18:01Street Festival 1927 by Maruja Mallo
18:08Sterile Efforts by Salvador Dali
18:09Luis Bunuel
18:16Maternity 1930 by Alberto Sanchez
18:17 figure by the the sea 1932 by pablo picasso
18:18Cosmic Composition 1938 by Oscar Dominguez
18:20Composition 1932 by Benjamin Palencia
18:21Vital Moment by Leandre Cristofol
18:22Composition 1933 by Benjamin Palencia
18:24Surrealist Landscape 1930 by Victor Brauner
18:25Pink bells and Tattered Skies by Rene Magritte
18:26Guanche Cave 1935 by Oscar Dominguez
18:27 portrait of joella 1934 by salvador dali
18:28 electrosexual sewing machine by oscar dominguez
18:29The Enigma of Hitler by Salvador Dali
Movie: Golden Age by Luis Bunuel
18:29 the memory of the woman child by salvador dali
18:34The Invisible Man 1932 by Salvador Dali
18:36 face of the great masturbator 1929 by salvador dali
18:39The Endless Enigma 1938 by Salvador Dali
18:42Movie - Song for After a War by Basilio M. Patino
18:43For Arms Country bread and Justice by Juan Cabanas
18:48Spanish Civil War by Rodriguez Luna
18:49Spain Pavilion Model
18:52Dreams and Lies of Franco by Pablo Picasso
18:53Madrid 1937 Black Aeroplanes by Horacio Ferrer
18:55Mercury Fountain by Alexander Calder
Same guy who made the sculpture in courtyard
Almaden is rich with Mercury mine, suffer in civil war
18:56Procession of Death by Jose Gutierrez
18:59Anonimo by Propaganda of the Government of Catalonia
19:02Head of Woman By Pablo Picasso
19:08Mother with dead child by Pablo Picasso
19:10 head of crying woman with handkerchief iii by pablo picasso
19:11Head Crying by Pablo Picasso
19:12 study for horse head by pablo picasso
19:17Snail, Woman Flower Star by Joan Miro
19:18Woman and Dog Beneath the Moon
19:19The Swimmer by Joan Miro
19:21Figures Besides the Sea by Ramon Marinel.Lo
19:22Swallow by Joan Miro
19:28 guernica by pablo picasso
19:30Seated Woman by Julio Gonzalez
19:31Sharp Mask by Julio Gonzalez
19:33Agricola Head By David Smith
19:35 the spanish revolution 1937 by francis picabia
19:36Head by Jacques Lipchitz
19:37 portrait of dora maar by pablo picasso
19:39Bomb Fruit 1944 by Wifredo Lam
19:40Congers by Pablo Picasso
19:41Seated Woman Resting on Elbows by Pablo Picasso
19:41Woman Seated in a gray Chair by Pablo Picasso
19:42Movie Spain 1936 by Jean-Paul Dreyfus
19:46 a world, un mon by angeles santos torroella
Artist was only 17
19:49The Gathering by Angeles Santos Torroella
19:50Nude by Roberto Fernandez Balbuena
19:51Slef Portrait by Angeles Santos Torroella
19:52 girl at the window by salvador dali
19:53The Musicians Table by Juan Gris
19:55Open Window by Juan Gris
19:57Movie: One week by Buster Keaton
19:58Dead Birds by Pablo Picasso
19:59Madera Tallada a Ivory Coast Mask
20:00Cards and Dice by Georges Braque
20:03Harlequin with Mandoline in Oval by Jacques Lipchitz
20:04Retrato de Josette Gris by Juan Gris
20:06Bottle and Fruit by Georges Braque
20:06Woman Head by Pablo Picasso
20:08Woman with Guitar by Maria Blanchard
20:10Youth by Josep Clara
Behind Naturaleza muerta by Joaquin Torres Garcia
20:11House with Palm Tree by Joan Miro
20:12Beer Glass by Diego Rivera
20:13New York by Joaquin Torres Garcia
20:14The Sleeping Factory by Daniel Vazuqez Diaz
20:15The Part by Francis Picabia
20:19Garrote Vil by Ramon Casas
20:22Woman in Blue by Pablo Picasso
20:23portrait of Sonia de Klamerry by Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa
20:25Sick Boy by Medardo Rosso
20:26Philosophy Presented by Pallas on Parnassus by Joaquin Torres Garcia
20:28Christ of Blood by Ignacio Zuloaga
20:29The Bishops Visit by Jose Gutierrez Solana
20:35Jose Val del Omar
20:45Hands Peter Feldmann
20:51Return to Hotel
Museum Close early
Not Fair
20:54Reina Sofia Library
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