Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Granada Alhambra

Nov 16, 2010 Tue
08:40Granada Alhambra
Strategy for visiting Alhambra
There are four ticketed areas:
1) Alcazaba (around 45 mins)
2) NAZARIES palace (around 1 hr)
3) Generalife Garden (around 1.5 hr)
4) Palacio de Generalife (around 30 minutes)
Each area can only be visited once (except for Generalife Garden which you can enter after you exit from Nazaries Palace, so technically you can visit it twice)
For NAZARIES palace, it can only be entered within the specific time slot (any time during that 30 minutes period, but enter at least 5 minutes before expired time and you can stay until closing time)
Ticket is divided into morning and afternoon tickets
Morning ticket (8:00am? to 2:00pm)
Afternoon ticket (2:00pm to 6:00pm in winter)
For morning ticket, you can only enter ticketed area in morning, but you can stay within ticketed area until close, but you won't be able to enter ticketed area afterwards. Afternoon ticket can only be used after 2:00pm. If you have the afternoon ticket, be sure also arrive in the morning, visit all the free areas first before 2:00pm, it takes about 2hrs to visit all free areas.
Free area: All museums in Carlos V Palace (Special Exhibition - free, Alhambra Museum - Free, open until 1pm in winter, Bella Arte Museum-1.5�, open after 2:30pm in winter)
Santa Ana Church, Muslim Bath (Hamman), Monastery San francisco.
Buy ticket online, print ticket from La Caxia ATM machine (require your credit card). Online ticket cost 13�, Adhoc ticket is only 12�, but you have better choice online. General ticket already include the Generalife Garden, Do Not buy duplicate ( Generalife Garden ticket is cheaper but it does not include Nazaries palace)
10:06Gate of Granadas
Gate of Pomegranates, not Gate of Justice
10:12 autumn leaves before washington irving
Wrote the Tales of Alhambra
10:24Gate of Justic
Puerta de la Justica
10:29Plaza de los Aljibes
Or Tower of Homage?
10:36Claude Deburry por Ouerta del Vino
Gate of wine
10:39Palacio de Carlos V
Has 3 museums
Bellas de Artes (open at 2pm in winter)
Art Exhibition (varies)
Museo of Alhambra (closed at 1pm in winter)
11:11Matisse Exhibition
Henry Matisse Exhibition
free entry
no Photo
... Matisse seems loosely related to Alhambra... they tried to fit the exhibition into Alhambra theme...
11:17Palacio de Carlos V
11:51Museo del la Alhambra
Free entry, no photo
9 to 2:00pm (winter)
12:11 granada lions
12:17Santa Maria Church
12:29Mosque Bath
12:35 restive corner
12:38 customer office
where you can get the free map
12:45Monastery of San Francisco
12:47Aucuba Japonica from China
12:52The Franciscan church
12:55Palace of an unknown prince
12:58Tomb of Isabella and Ferdinand
until Emperor Charles transferred the bodies of his grandparents to the Royal Chapel in nov 10, 1521
12:59Honeycomb work
13:14Gate of Carlos V
13:38 granada
13:48 palacio de carlos v
14:21Waiting for Nazaries Palace
Should have bought the 2:00pm one... now I just wasted half an hour of visit time
Each area can only be visited once... that makes the visit very schedule
14:29Nazaries Palace
14:37Court of Comares
pre: cout of golden room
14:38Ship Room
14:38Room of Comares
14:43 courtyard of comares
14:50 courtyard of comares
Under restoration
14:56Hall of Abencerrajes
15:01Hall of Justice
15:02Hall of the two Sisters
15:08 shadow in hall of lions
15:09Gate to Hall of two sisters
15:09Sculpture of Hall of two sisters
15:12Viewpoint of Lindaraja
15:13The Emperor's Chamber
15:16 washington irving chamber
15:18 granada
15:18 granada
15:19 granada plaza
15:22 granada autumn
15:33 autumn tree
15:34 shadow of generalife
15:42 generalife reflection
15:46Torres Generalife
15:47 reflection of autumn
15:50Palacio de Yusuf III
15:59 root near torre de la cautiva
16:01 torre de las infantas
16:06Aqueduct in Generalife
16:08 generalife
16:09 flowers of generalife
16:10 stray cat of alhambra
16:20 generalife walkway
16:24 yellow rose of generalife
16:25 pink flower in alhambra
16:25 purple flower
16:27 white flower
Need Ticket
16:28Horses Court
16:30Pool Court
16:38 court of the cypress or of the sultaness
16:44 generalife fountain
16:46 yellow flower in generalife
16:49 memory lane
16:54Royal Water Channel
16:59Near Puerta de Los Siete Suelos
17:08 granada
17:11Carlos V fro/ Cubo
17:12 granada
17:18View from Torre de las Armas
17:18 granada monastry
17:19 cathedral from torre de las armas
17:21TORRE de la Vela and Jardin de los Adarves
17:25Garden of Adarves
17:29 shadow of the pool
17:30 entangled trees
17:31 signature of autumn
17:33Torre de la Veia
17:35 granada autumn
17:41 hello kitty and alhambra
17:42 granada torre de la veia
17:47 329 alhambra HDR
17:59 charles the fifth pavilion
17:59 gate to carlos v pavilion
18:27 granada church
18:46Dinner at Fran Nemrut
Next to Plaza Nueva
Vegtal Pizza

Good for its price...
18:59 pizza dinner at fran nemrut
19:27 madrid hotel
19:40Jose Guerreo Museum
If all he draw is this kind of stuff, he probably won't be very famous. Looking at his earlier works, he did have lots of normal paintings.

The expressionist paintings (if I can call it that) are... totally lack of content... perhaps if you just look at one painting, it doesn't mean much, like if you pick a single word from the Iliad, it means nothing, only in sentence, passages or pages... you see the meaning.... perhaps it is like that... or maybe the abstract stuff offer some meaning by itself? maybe...
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