Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Malaga to Granada

Nov 15, 2010 Mon
08:27Malaga to Granada
tried to change money, no bank will change money here
actually nowhere to change money...
09:42 iron cross
09:42 redemption
09:42 religious cello
09:45 front of malaga chruch
10:00 copper statues
10:01 malaga central pool
10:05 malaga art piece
Too many people line up for ticket
give up
10:19Walk to Bus Station
10:50:28 Bus to Granada at 11:00 full, will go with 12:00pm
Leave from Platform 24
11:03Lunch at Helal Kebab
12:01Bus to Granada
This bus is a bit of disappointment, it seems rather full and not particularly new
price: 9.83
Company: ALSA
Time: every hour ...7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 etc etc...
14:22City Bus to Center
15:02 hostal britz
Small but functional
price: 30� with Bathroom (18� without)
Hot water, Soap, Towel, Wifi
small, simple but functional, good location, good for the price
15:18Plaza Nueva
15:24Plaza Isabel the Catholic
15:27Capilla Real
Open 15:30 (afternoon)
no photo allowed
16:25 granada royal chapel
16:28 royal chapel of granada
16:29 saints in copper
16:47 monastery st jeronimos
17:01 correos near facultad de derecho
17:09Monastery St Jeronimos
17:24 centerpiece of monastery st jeronimos
17:38 altar of monastery st jeronimos
17:40 monastery st jeronimos
17:47St Miguel
17:49Virgen de Belen
17:54 monastery st jeronimos outside
18:50Dinner at La Hacienda Tapas
Ordered menu of the day...
maybe not too good idea...
12.5� plus tax
Some cold soup... some salad...
Finished reading the book, a feast of crows

Taste so so, Looks good, Too expensive for my taste (but reasonable for the quality)

Note: quality and taste is different, taste is subjective, subject to personal liking

Final Bill: 17.96� OOP... Should have ordered separately...

The Sprit is 2.73�... and it tastes like water

It is like 25US$ and not even a hot meal....

Personally, this meal is not too good... not a disaster, but definitely won't be here again, oh well...
18:55 cold soup in la hacienda
19:04 mixed salad in granada
19:19 house tart in granada
Part of the Menu of the Day
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