Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Seville to Malaga

Nov 13, 2010 Sat
09:15Seville to Malaga
11:16Walk to Bus Station
11:57Bus to Malaga
Surprise, they give out food and drinks
not much, just some bits of biscuits and a bottle of water... but it is enough to move me...
It is kind of a deluxe bus
price: 20.14�
Time: 7:00,8:00, 12:00....
Company: Alsa
14:36Arrive Malaga
14:43Arrive Malaga Bus Station
The Twisted Hotel was Palacio del La Aduana Museum
15:44 future malaga museum
15:56 hotel carlos v
Price: 44� for double bed, 39� for single bed...
TV, Air Con with bathroom, good wifi
16:27Dinner Lunch at Garvm Malaga
Ordered 2 Tapas
and a crepe
16:31 veggie tapas dumpling
16:35 veggie tapa
16:41 some veggie crepes
17:06 malaga shopping district
17:08 iglesa de san agustin
20:04 picasso museum
Entry: 6� (8� with temporary exhibition, or 4.5� alone for tmp exhibition)
The museum is very small and cost 66 million � to renovate
The artworks seems less than the Picasso museum in Barcelona
No photo allowed
20:10 malaga barcelo
20:32 malaga shopping street
20:36 malaga blue sculpture
20:39 peace pigeon
20:40 pigeon of peace in malaga
21:00City Hall
Friday night. I strolled along the quiet Malaga seaside. On my way back to the hotel, I pass by the city hall. It was lighted and crowded with a huge line up outside of the building. The people who just came out from the building looked happy and joyful and satisfied with their camera. I had no idea what they were lining up for and I couldn�t ask the crowd for I speak no Spanish. But I wanted to look as happy as them, so I join the line. Waiting for hour for something I had no idea of� at the end it was�

Have no idea what I am lining up for, but with so many people, it must be good...
21:07 world cup 2010 line up
21:10 malaga city hall
21:16 line up waiting to see world cup 2010
21:24 fifa world cup trophy 2010
21:27 fifa world cup in malaga
21:27 fifa world cup champion
21:28 fifa world cup trophy
21:45 37
21:52 roman theater
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