Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal


Nov 12, 2010 Fri
09:57Real Alcazar
10:04Hall of Justice
10:09Patio del Yeso
10:12 sebka
10:14 chinese fan
10:14Japanese Fan
10:16French Fan
Siglo XVIII. Marfil calado y mica
10:20The Admiral Room
Used as meeting room
First trip around world planned here
10:22Virgen de los Mareantes Altarpiece
First time native Americans depicted in European art
10:27Cuarto del Almirante
10:29patio de la Monteria
The Hunting Courtyard
10:30Hunting Courtyard
10:33The Dolls Courtyard
looking very Islamic
marble columns brought from Medina Azahara
10:37The Princes room
(last couple of ceilings photos after dolls courtyard)
The name from Isabella the Catholic gave birth to prince Don Juan
10:41Wooden door in Dolls Courtyard
10:42Unlabeled window
10:44 arco de los pavones
The Peacock arch lead to Ambassador room
10:45Philip II Ceiling Room
10:47Ambassadors Room
10:48 ambassadors room
10:56Mayors Courtyard
10:57Levis Courtyard
The Prince Courtyard
11:00Levis Courtyard - Arches from Jewish Quarter
11:01 fountain head in levis courtyard
11:03Azulejos con D�cor
11:10 flowers near duck pond
11:11 door way to garden of maze
11:17 damsels courtyard
11:20 corridor to garden of troy
11:23Fountain in Garden of Troy
11:25Dance Garden
11:27Water jet of the Dance Garden
11:30 mercury pool
Estanque de Mercurio
11:31 mercury pool lion head
Estanque de Mercurio
11:33 mercury pool
11:38 fountain in garden of dames
11:43Poseidon Posterior
11:43 posterior of poseidon
11:46Dried Fountain in Garden of Dames
11:47Garden of the Cross Fountain
Aka Garden of Maze
11:49Mount Parnassus
11:52 mount parnassus
11:59 flower in garden of maze
12:06Garden of Maze
12:13Dames Garden From Grotto Gallery
12:25 tennis courtyard
First tennis in Spain
12:29 the mounting area
12:38 seville plaza
12:47Cuarto Real Alto
The Deluxe section of the Palace
entry: 4.2� extra
audio guide doesn't work properly, no refund
13:52The Tapestry Room
13:53Conquest of Tunis
13:58Gothic Palace Chapel
14:07The Alcove bower
14:20The Privilege Gate
14:22Poets Garden
14:49Lunch at Restaurant Los Alcazares
14:57 tortilla de espana
ordered as part of menu of the day
8.5� drinks not included
15:17Archivo General de Indias
All documents from Columbus Time, Spanish mainly.
Free Entrance
15:56Torre de Oro
15:59 torre de oro
16:09Santa Caridad Domus Pauperum
Entry 5�
waste of money and time
16:30Al Venerable Don Miguel Manara
16:32Santa Caridad Domus Pauperum Church
16:34 mozart
16:39Rio Seville
16:41Plaza de Toros de la Real Maes
16:47 la augusta senora condesa de barcelona
16:48plaza de Toros Museo
16:53 seville bull fighting ring
..and Royal Seat
16:58 seville bull fighting ring
17:11Mercury for Military Training
17:22Mother cow whose son killed a famous bull fighter
17:23Chapel in Bullring
17:25 horse head
17:38 castillo de san jorge
17:59Museo de Bellas Artes
No photo but free to enter
religious art
open until 8:30pm
19:56Dinner at CASA cuesta
Ordered some Tapas
20:02 vegetarian tapa
20:05 vegetarian tapa
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