Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Donana Park

Nov 11, 2010 Thu
07:00Donana Park
07:41Bus Tour Donana Park
08:17 small owl
08:25 red deer
08:38Olive Tree
pre: Red Deer
08:39 ash tree
08:46 red deer
09:08 palm fern
09:11 skull of a bird
09:12 black kite nest
pre: rabbit skull
09:25 eucalyptus
Drink water 150L
09:54 mouse eagle
10:00 swamp of donana
10:02 bird swamp
11:11 forest workers
11:55 wind compass
12:19 red hot hearth
12:23 coria
12:26 hdad de umbrete
12:38 husband and wife ride
12:43 el rocio shop
13:26 el rocio horse cart
13:35Lunch at Christina
Ordered some Champian thingys... for 9 Euro
13:39 mushroom fried egg pension christina
9 Euro
... a high sodium meal... she is probably still learning to cook...
well I kind of like salty food...
17:34Dulces Suenos - Sweet Dream Hotel
18:42Dinner at La Decana
Founded 1927
Ordered Menu of the day
Pena C. Betica Dinner
18:55 eggs and fries
19:14 cheese cake
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