Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Seville To El Rocio

Nov 10, 2010 Wed
07:30Seville To El Rocio
08:47 seville cathedral minaret
08:48 seville cathedral
08:51 exit of seville cathedral
09:30Bus From Seville To El Rocio
Price: 5.8 Euro
Company: Damas
Time: 9:30am, 15:00, 17:00
The Bus station is at Plaza de Arms in Seville...
It seems like the best way to get there is by walking, even the person in tourist office think so...
Return Bus
10:15, 15:00, 18:00
11:04Arrive El rocio
11:25 el rocio water fountain
11:41 ermita
11:42 ermita
11:54Pension Christina
Price: 30 Euro per person
with bathroom
towel and soap
Breakfast not included
11:57 pension christina in el rocio
12:13 ermita holy water
12:20Lunch at Las Sabinas
Ordered a Espinacas
12:26 lunch at las sabinas
12:46Walk to La Rocina
13:09 plow
13:17 donana swamp
13:24La Rocina Stream
Arroyo de La Rocina
13:29 la rocina pine woods
13:59 la rocinas swamp
14:30 pine forest
14:54 el rocio old pilgrim house
14:56 romeria el rocio
14:57 romeria dl rocio
15:04 ermita swamp
15:07 el rocio church
15:15 horse feeding around el rocio
15:20 el rocio tree
15:22 aires de donana
Dinner not served till 7:00pm... they are quite precise on the timing of dinner....
15:30 marching band
15:33 ermita of el rocio
15:40 ermita church
17:11 sunset near el rocio
17:13 swamp el rocio
17:14 ermita bell plaza
17:15 shadow of clouds
17:15 telescope to swamp
17:18 pope of el rocio
17:59 marcher
18:02 ermita
18:04 el rocio
18:09 el rocio sunset
18:11 sunnset donana
18:21 ermita cross
18:21 sunset in el rocio
18:30 swarm of flying
18:38 el rocio night
18:42 ermita moon
18:43 midnight candles
19:35Dinner at Christina
Finally they think they can feed me...
19:40 fried potatoes
Dinner came surprisingly quick...
8 Euro
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