Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Cadiz to Seville

Nov 09, 2010 Tue
05:00Cadiz to Seville
10:12 face sculpture
10:30 central market of cadiz
10:32 sword fish in cadiz market
10:34 cadiz market
10:40 new cathedral
10:47 cadiz church
10:48 cadiz yellow building
10:48 helicopter pad
10:49 cadiz museum
11:04Bus from Cadiz to Seville
Current Bus :11:15
price 11.5 Euro

11:16:42 exit to Seville on time...

Next bus 12:00, 13:00, 15:00....
11:29 cadiz motorway in sea
13:19 hostal sweet dream
Small but sweet
35 Euro (with bathroom) With Soap, floor is clean, with Shower
Air Con
Room is Very Tiny but location good...
The owner is very distrustful, perhaps he has been cheated by backpackers before?

When later I asked him to store my backpack for one day, he very firmly refused and only agreed after I assure him I will return the next day and pay in full in advance...
13:30Lunch at some Jordanian Restaurant
near the sweet dream hotel
Ordered a Falafel Wrap and wraps
14:12Seville Walk
14:14Cathedral of Seville
14:18Cathedral Of Seville
8Euro Entry
3E for Audio Guide
Close at 117:00
14:20Cabeza de San Juan Bautista
14:21 cruz patriarcal del azobispo
14:26San Jose con el Nino
14:28Baby Jesus
14:30Cabeza de San Juan Bautista
pre: Crucifcado de marfil
14:33Chapel of Saint Ann
14:37Altar Del Nacimiento
14:39 capilla de san jose
14:41 capilla de san jose
14:43Chapel of the Incarnation
14:44Portada de la Asuncion
14:46Chapel of the Incarnation
14:47Capilla de la Cieguecita
14:48 capilla de san hermenegildo
14:52Altar Mayor
14:58Capilla de la Antigua
15:03Altar de la Gamba
15:05Altar de la Piedad
15:08Donors pray in front of Sculpture of Christ tied to a Column
15:12Tomb of Christopher Columbus
15:14 tomb of christopher columbia
15:17Santa Justa Santa Rufina Christo Crucificado
15:23Capilla del Pilar
Capilla de las Doncellas
15:28Capilla de San Francisco
15:31Altar de la Visitacion
15:35Sacristia Mayor
15:37Llaves de la Ciudad de Seville
15:38San Fernando
15:38Sacristia Mayor
15:40Main Sacristy
15:43Sala de las Columnas
15:45 sala capitular
15:50Taller Italiano
15:51Esuela madrilena
2 Anonimo
3 Anonimo Primer tercio
4 Hernando de Ballesteros
5 Vicente Gargallo
in orders
15:57 cathedral of seville
15:58 giralda and orange yard
16:05 altar de plata
16:09Pendon de Fernando III
16:14 giralda top
16:27 bull fighting ring of seville
16:29 seville
16:30 seville plaza
16:31 seville city
16:33 above seville catedral
16:36 orange courtyard
16:37 seville cathedral
16:40 horsecart at seville
16:54Giralda - The Clock Chamber
17:00Giralda Devices Chamber
17:08 giralda
17:16Giralda and Lamp Pole
17:21Giralda Top
17:25 seville catedral
17:29 street cart in seville
17:51Seville City Hall
17:53Plaza Nueva
19:20Dinner at some Cafeteria
19:34 tourist veggie plate in seville
19:50University of Seville
20:10 hotel puerta de sevilla
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