Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Fez to Tangier

Nov 04, 2010 Thu
08:00Fez to Tangier
09:52Batha Museum
09:58 batha museum
10:07 batha museum entrance
10:15 batha museum arch
10:16 batha museum corridor
10:19 batha museum wester corridor
10:20 batha museum courtyard
10:20 batha museum foundtain
10:21 batha museum walkway
10:27 batha museum
10:29 batha museum garden
10:30 batha museum water cooler
11:37Arrive Train Station
Taxi 10d
11:50 gare de fez train station of oncf
11:58Lunch Break
Cheese cake break
12:55ONCF Train From fez to Tangier
First Class 155D - Share a cabin with 6 people (seat is velvet)
Second Class 105D - Share an orange cabin with 8 people (seat is orange fake leather)

There are three other trains, all of them in inconvenient hours (one at 2am, another at 7:00am, yet another arrive Tangier late at night...)
Only this one leave at 13:05 and arrive around 5:00pm....
13:14:51 Train Depart 10 mins after 13:05
17:23 tangier sunset
17:48Arrive Tangier
taxi to El-Muniria
18:39 el-muniria hotel
With 50 style luxury, old style writing desk, with shower (but no toilet)
Bed is lavish.
Breakfast not included
May have hot water at night... just may
The side street is a bit dark and quite but wide enough and connect quite close to the main busy street
Wifi in room (at least for #3)
19:11Dinner at Number one Restaurant
Seems like another pricy restaurant promoted by Lonely planet
80 for some couscous
35 for soup
and drinks
It is getting very expensive........
But at least it has wide screen TV...

The restaurant is empty except for myself, not a good sign....
Let's hope they can at least cook some food that is clean....
19:55 veggie couscous in number one resturant in tangier
Nothing special, yet still charge me 80D
But I have to admit the taste is best I so far experienced in Morocco... Texture is good, heat is just right, aptly seasoned...
but still too expensive....

148D total, no wonder no locals come by

Even though the taste and quality is good, but since the cooking is pretty standard, nothing creative, the pricing seems thrice more expensive than normal, so I will have to give this a solid avoid.
20:20 french quarter
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