Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Fez Medina

Nov 03, 2010 Wed
08:30Fez Medina
Last night was full of dreams, unsettling dreams.....
A sort of ceramic container could hold the old (white, blue trimmed, like Moroccan Tagine, only more slender), a younger couple dropped the container, the old man in the container....

passing some sort of custom, got my name recognized? Some sort of draws, the drawer wandered how I got my name drawn twice... it was not my doing.... (the draw was about watching some video, and clicking some button (not myself), and my name appear)

Some fog coming. Opening some plastic teeth gate...

I also dreamt about my story, but then I forgot...

There was a certain sense of crisis but it was hard to put down on words...

Some volcanic or other explosion, knocking off most power in the world, I lied on somewhere similar to central park, watching the lights turn off from the dark grey buildings, some bikes almost ran over me, and then a large group of street kids challenge me to fight.
09:16 breakfast at hotel batha
10:19 hotel national
10:21 curosity of a cat
10:21 cat and colar and cigratte trash
10:23 camel head
10:28 meditating cat
10:41 two hungry cats
10:47 self feeding donkey
10:49 bab guissa
10:57 palais jamai
10:57 palais jamai
11:02 fez medina wool storage
11:07 prudent cat
11:07 black cat with white patch scratching
11:10 fez medina donkey
11:12 chicken man
11:17 fez medina flowered door
11:18 mosque sidi ahmed tijani
11:19 fez medina musician
11:20 fez medina children playing
11:21 mosque sidi ahmed tijani
11:25 slacking cat
11:31 fez leather shop
11:33 tannieries coloring
11:33 fez leather shop dyeing process
11:33 remains of cows
11:34 tannieries
11:34 yellow leather dye
11:34 dye factory
11:35 tannieries workers
11:37 tannieries
11:41 white cat staring
11:47 king of dogs
11:53 er-rsif mosque
12:01 no entry
12:14 sheep cart
12:15 fez medina fish
12:26 medersa cherratine fes
12:27 medersa cherratine fes
12:27 medersa cherratine fes
12:27 medersa cherratine fes
12:31 medersa cherratine fes
12:37 medersa cherratine fes window
12:40 medersa cherratine fes staircase
12:41 medersa cherratine fes courtyard
12:42 reflection of mosque
12:47 medersa cherratine fes muslim
13:04 souk et fondouk chemmaine
13:10karim Lamrani Pour Ensemble Nejjarine
13:20 karim lamrani pour ensemble nejjarine
13:20 morocco portable temple
13:24 karim lamrani pour ensemble nejjarine
13:25 cobble stone tiled floor
13:26 karim lamrani pour ensemble nejjarine
13:27 karim lamrani pour ensemble nejjarine
13:32 karim lamrani pour ensemble nejjarine
13:34 window of ensemble nejjarine
13:35 street lamp
13:35 karim lamrani pour ensemble nejjarine
13:36 merenid tomb
13:39 roof top cafe
13:49 fez roof top view
13:50 museum windows
13:58 tiger stripped cat watching in medina
14:18 brown cat
14:19 fez medina food court
14:19 shadow of divine light
14:24Lunch at Thami
Recommend by Lonely planet... seems to have enough people flow...
14:31 moroccan veggie soup at thami
Hopefully this will be less lethal than the last soup I Tasted
14:39 veggie tagine at thami
The food is quite average, which is not necessary a bad thing...
The only thing mildly creative is the dessert...
The whole set menu is 70d

To dissect the price, as follow:
Veggie tagine 40
soup 8
drinks 10
Desert is 12
14:55 muslim dessert
15:28 fez medina exit
15:30 cat sunbathing
15:31 lazy cat
15:36 fez medina entrance
15:59 fez main bus station
16:00 fez cemetery and bus station
16:01 fez cemetery
16:08 fez evening
16:09 cemetery
16:10 cemetery
16:18Arms Museum
16:25 muslim daggers
16:29 small cannon
16:34 crusader armour set
16:37 italian shield
16:38 iranian siecle helm
16:39 iranian shield
16:41 iranian shield
16:41 syrian helm and shield
16:43 syrian helm and shield
16:44 dagger from poignard jambiya
Siecle Iran
(only the first dagger was from Turkey)
16:46 elephant ivory dagger from india
Saber Talwar, also from India
16:48 hache from iran
16:53Poignard Droit Sboula
Moroccan Dagger
16:56 morning star masse armes
16:57 italian two handed sword
owned by Moulay Hassan
17:10 fez twlight
17:10 fez bus station from merenid tomb
17:11 fez city wall
17:11 fez twlight prayer
17:13 armoury guardian dog
17:13 fez smoke
17:20 merenid tombs
17:21Merenid Tombs
17:29 boys near merenid tombs
17:30 merenid tomb ruin
17:34 merenid tombs
17:34 merenid tomb tree
17:58 hotel national
18:02 fez medina donkey sign
18:16Dinner at Clock Caf�
again, ordered a stuffed pepper...
Good wifi connection (unsecured)
18:27 stuffed pepper at clock cafe fez
Very spicy, 65d not my liking
but the music and wifi is good.
18:36 clock cafe dinner time
18:58 sticky rice dessert at clock cafe
19:51 please feed us - we are so cute
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