Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Volubilis and Moulay Idriss

Oct 30, 2010 Sat
04:23Volubilis and Moulay Idriss
04:23Arrive Meknes
Change of plan....
11:54 veggie tagine in mahaba restaurant in meknes
12:19 meknes wall maru
12:39 hotel akouas
342d per room
checked in at 6:30am (normally only at nine)

Too tired, slept in morning
Driver come a bit early
13:24Moulay Idriss
13:33 round minaret
13:38 moulay idriss city
13:39 moulay idriss grand mosque
13:39 green roof of moulay idriss grand mosque
13:43 moulay idriss mosuqe floor
13:44 staircase to moulay idriss
13:44 moulay idriss town
13:46 fatima hand
13:47 donkey chairs
13:48 letters for fatima hand
13:48 muslim foundtain
13:49 football club emblem
13:50 grand mousqe refurnishing
13:51 grand mosque car park
13:52 moors foundtain
13:52 pork market
13:53 vegetable market
13:54 road to moulay idriss
14:06 volubilis ruins
14:11temple of Saturn... maybe Zeus
14:12 volubilis vacation hat
14:15 volubilis column
14:16 volubilis stork nest
14:17 volubilis looking at moulay idriss
14:18 volubilis stork nest column
14:18 volubilis altar
14:19 volubilis shadow
14:20 volubilis roman columns
14:20 volubilis greek columns
14:24 volubilis
14:25 columns of volubilis
14:31 volubilis bathhouse
14:33 volubilis arch entrance
14:34 volubilis mural
14:35 roman animal mural
14:37 roman beast mural
14:39Mosaics of lady bugs
14:39 volubilis honeycomb
14:42 volubilis aqueduct
14:43 inner pumping of anicent romans
14:45 fish mural
14:47 trinity water drain
14:55 circular wheat stone
14:58 roman column capital
15:08 volubilis
15:11 arch de triumph
15:13 tmple of saturn
15:14 man riding donkey backwards
15:15 sea monster mural
15:17 arch de triumph
For Caracalla and his mother Julia in 217ad, for the tax exemption...
15:19 arch de triumph
15:21 house of acrobat maybe
Because a bronze dog was found here
15:22 house of columns maybe
Not house of columns
15:27 roman ruins under overcast sky
Found A statue crowned with ivy crown
15:28 fish mural
15:30 old roman bath
15:33 volubilis roman columns under cloudy sky
15:34 spiral column
15:35 stone columns
15:38 hercules and the messenger
A Horse was found here
15:42 house of hercules
Hercules house is on right hand side (nothing of interest)
15:43 inside house of hercules
15:44Hercules 12 labors
15:45 comic book of hercules
15:46 hercules house picture
15:46 hercules bath
15:48 hercules fountain
15:50 decumanus maximus
15:50 decumanus maximus
Biggest road in city
15:50 arches of romans
15:51The house without name
15:52 the house of the apse
15:54 house of half pillars
15:56 gordian palace
15:58 house of golden coin
16:01 arch exit
16:01 roman royal avenue
16:04 house of venus
16:06 kidnap of hylas by nymph
16:06 diana bathing
16:08 fish mosaic in house of venus
16:09 fish mosaic in house of venus
16:10 house of venus
16:13 decumanus maximus
16:14 volubilis temple of jupiter
16:14 arch de triumph
16:14 ruin of volubilis
16:14 volubilis overview
17:02Return to Hotel Akouas
19:02Dinner at Akouas
The menu is quite expensive....
Spaghetti 40d
soup 25 d
drinks 15d?
This dinner, later I found out, was a total disaster. It disabled me for a whole day.
19:12 soup at akouas restaurant
Thanks to the lovely soup, I got the most serious case of food poisoning in my life... next time, don't eat in a restaurant where I am the only customer...
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