Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Merzouga Oasis

Oct 27, 2010 Wed
08:50Merzouga Oasis
The color of desert is pale yellow and blue
09:34 raid ali merzouga
09:38 breakfast in raid ali merzouga
10:25 mortality of a beetle
11:30 palm trees in sahara
11:32 dung beetle of sahara
the desert is full of dung beetles
The Camel dung tried to spell a word...
The desert is not full of people, mainly because it is hot and uncomfortable, and people don't like hot and uncomfortable places
11:39 desert lizard
11:39 sahara iguana
11:40 sahara dirt lizard
11:40 shara lizard
11:41 lone tree in desert
11:43 tree in desert
11:52 footprints in desert
11:53 my desert shadow
12:01 writing of hat dot net
12:02 ridge of sandhill
12:07 new life in sahara
12:08 dung beetle catching fly
12:12 garbage in desert
12:16 sahara
12:17 desert town
12:19 desert hill
12:28 desert camp
12:31 tents of sahara
12:32 deflowered by tracks
12:38 desert bird
12:40 desert hill bird
12:48 suv in desert
12:53 tv towers of merzouga
13:06 morocco stop sign
13:08 merzouga hotel in construction
13:12 merzouga desert palm trees
13:17 moroccan windows
13:25 desert minaret
13:26 quads that deflowered the desert
13:44 desert cat
14:04 pink water tower
14:05 desert dune
14:06 white camel
14:11 desert bird
14:25 oasis trees
14:28 sand and water
14:34 kitty in sahara
14:35 hello kitty in erg chebbi
14:37 merzouga dune
14:47 erg chebbi footprints
14:48 erg chebbi
15:32 dead cat in merzouga
16:20Camel trek
16:29 camel shadows
16:36 shadows of camel riders
16:49 shadows of camel riders
16:51 shadow of camel train
17:01 desert footprints
17:14 footprints on sand dune
17:16 desert dune
17:22 desert sunset
17:27 sand dune sunset
17:30 motobike on sand dune
19:00Dinner Time in Desert
The desert is full of cats.....
19:08 uninvited dinner guest
19:55 veggie tagine in la festival
20:07 cat of sahara
20:54 cat sleeping of my desert tent
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