Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Marrakech to Ouarzazate

Oct 16, 2010 Sat
05:00Marrakech to Ouarzazate
10:16Bus to Ouarzazate
10:19 royal opera house
10:20 marrakech royal opera house
10:21 roof of opera house
10:21 shadow of opera house
10:22 royal opera house
10:22 opera theatre in marrakech
10:24 marrakech opera house in construction
10:26 inside royal opera house
10:27 staircase to opera house
10:27 ceiling lamps of opera house
10:27 domed ceiling of opera house
10:28 opera house entrance
10:29 opera house windows
10:52CTM Bus to Ouarzazate
Just asking for direction cost me 20d, taxi would be cheaper.....
The New CTM bus station is two blocks west, two blocks south of the train station
11:43 marrakech ctm bus station
11:44Marrakech CTM Bus
The bus driver is not very experienced. First there was a minor accident (with a taxi), then the bus is swinging back and forth. For half of the journey, it felt like a giant was stomping on the roof of the bus...

Our bus just past a Sheep truck...
13:21 road side meat stop
13:21 road side meat stop - obviously not vegetarian friendly
13:24 road side meat stop - none vegetarian
14:37 valleys around ouarzazate
14:39 highway to bin haddou
14:48 morrocan village
14:51 berber village
15:06 moroccan highway
15:11 moroccan truck route
15:17 school of sheep
15:19 moroccan landscape
15:19 berber housing on a hill
15:20 afrique mineraux roches cristaux
15:26 mountain under blue sky
16:37 turnoff to ait ben haddous
16:49 to ouarzazate
17:02Arrive Ouarzazate
17:25 atmal hotel
17:48 muslum girls enjoying evening
17:53 purple evening
17:56 housing in ouarzazate
18:55Dinner at Atmal hotel
19:06 fruit tagine in hotel amlal
19:26 dessert in hotel amlal
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