Moorish Empire 2010 Travel Journal

Marrakech Medina

Oct 15, 2010 Fri
05:00Marrakech Medina
The taxi this time is 10 d, the taxi driver seems satisfied at whatever you give them, as long as it is more than they normally charge.
The same ride has been 10, 17, 30
09:30 koutoubia mosque
Time seems to have stopped in the souq, characters covered in hooded robe staggered across the narrow alley.
Brass ware and silverware which has no practical modern use...
Tired old man riding on tired old bikes
no one invite her to visit their shops, not even the snake charmers would take a picture of her...

There must be more shops than all the shoppers in the world...
09:47 street of marrakech
09:52 window of marrakech
09:55 alley cat in marrakech
09:57 marrakech gourds
09:58 meat stand in marrakech
10:00 blue windows of marrakech
10:00 blue heaven gate of merdina
10:08 depression
10:13 mouassine mosque gate
Mosque is closed
10:34 door 33
10:35 mini mosque
3 mounments for 60d, better price
or else each cost 50d
10:41 medersa ben youssef
10:44 medersa gate
10:46 medersa ben youssef wall writing
10:48 medersa arch
10:51 medersa entrance
10:52 medersa roof
11:02 medersa cell
11:03 medersa study room
11:04 medersa courtyard
11:06 medersa ben youssef study
11:07 medersa ben youssef arch
11:11 iron window of marraech
11:14 secret door
11:36 medersa pool
11:36 medersa ben youssef pool
11:51 water play
11:58 priere de ne pas toucher
Aziza Alaoui
Les Muses, 2008
12:02 yamou in the courtyard
12:05 lalla essaydi
Les Femmes du Maroc, Revisited
12:07 tourist in marrakech museum
Les Femmes du Maroc, Revisited
12:10 artist window
12:10 atrium of museum
12:11 silence of night
12:13 naked woman with burning head
12:14 mother with burning head
12:14 donkey rider with burning head
12:16 wines cellar art
12:18 plat tabsil
Forme Legerement
12:20 yellow painting
12:21 yamou
Plantes - Planetes 3
12:23 priere de ne pas toucher
Mounir Fatmi

How Muslims depict Jesus
made of wires
12:28 burning head
12:38 shadow and leather
Quite surprise they actually have vegetarian options
Price: 45d total
Simple but good
12:51 vegetarian tagine near museum of marrakech
13:12 la qoubba almoravid
The only reason people visit this site is because people bought the combo ticket
13:14 la qoubba almoravid
13:24 la qoubba almoravid
A chopped camel legs (or goats feet?)
13:49 souq
14:00Kotoash Mosque
the guide is a jerk, he asked for 200d
Windows shape like a key because key to heaven
mosque is about 1000 years old
Like those in Granada and Seville
We are unhappy because we are trying to judge and doing a stupid job of it...
14:09 roof
14:11 koutoubia mosque
14:16 koutoubia mosque courtyard
14:29Cyber Park
14:30 cat in cyber park
14:48 green pool of cyber park
14:52 cyber park internet booth
14:54Ensemble Artisanal
14:56 ensemble artisanal
15:32 orange juice in djemaa el-fna
only 4d, the most fairly priced in the world
15:53Medina Roof Top Cafe
Sitting above the Medina, enjoying my milkshake.... the milkshake is mostly milk...

So am I here a saver, giving the poor money and expected to be respected?

The Djemaa el-Fna in the afternoon, does the Djemaa el-Fna know what time it is? Medina is not just a concrete plaza. It is an organism of people, like micros, conglomerated in an open area.

The plaza is a mixture of stray cats and stranded backpackers

Is this medina real, or is my cubicle the true reality? Do I really exist here? Or eventually I have to return to the real world.

17:55:59 - The medina roof top cafe really don't care how long you stay, in fact, even when you ask for the bill, they don't seem to care and rather you stay a while...

Some musician dancing with a duck on his head...
15:56 open plaza
16:05 quad on plaza
16:08 stall owners of djemaa el-fna
16:09 medicine man
16:13 blue in heat
16:14 white holy man
16:15 friends
16:18 pulling cart
16:24 hesitation
16:24 evening in djemaa el-fna
16:26 purple shopper
16:32 lame biker
16:32 coke boy and wooden leg
16:33 red mystery
16:46 garbage men
16:46 garbage men in djemaa el-fna
16:47 cleaning garbage
Collecting garbage, only friend with stray cats
16:48 garbage collection unit
Collecting garbage, only friend with stray cats
17:00 sunset marrakech
17:09 musicians
17:09 natives
17:10 marrakech donkey cleaning unit
17:12 blue muslum biker
17:15 pancake lady
17:18 acrobat boy
17:36 djemaa el-fna
18:05 djemaa el-fna at night
18:17 vegetarian salad in djemaa el-fna
The simple dinner turned out to be rather expensive.
Price: 80d, a tourist trap, avoid
It looks like the market is a place for tourist rip off, even for local Moroccans.
18:34 cheif of marrakech
18:34 none vegetarian booth in djemaa el-fna
18:34 food booth
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