the flood, mountains

The Flood:

Rainfall. I left the hotel by myself, arming only with my umbrella. I wasn't planning to wander far. When I crossed the river, it was completely dry. I lingered on the other bank, strolling here and there, with no particular destination in mind. Then I saw the water. Still, I thought nothing of it. I always expected the change of nature was gradual, like the shaping of mountain and the traveling of glacier. Perhaps there would be a little bit of flooding, no worry, I got Gortex boots. The hotel staffs on the opposite bank urged me to run. What was the hurry? It was only a bit of rain. Then I saw the tip of the flood, it didn't flow like a tame kitty like I expected, instead it roared like a thousand lions and rushed like a million stallions.

I ran with all my strength. The water was only a few feet away as I crossed the river. Just as the tip of my boots touched the other end, I heard the giant monster of running mud roaring pass me. The line between life and death was only a second away.

That was my Indiana Jones moment, feeling foolish yet heroic.

Location Boumalne, Tinghir, Dades Valley, Todra Gorge, Morocco, Africa
Continent Africa Country Morocco
State Dades Valley, Todra Gorge City Boumalne, Tinghir
Weather Sunny, Rain Event Morocco to Spain
Day Boumalne To Todra Gorge Activity Le Festival
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