journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Volubilis and Moulay Idriss

Oct 30, 2010 Sat
04:23Volubilis and Moulay Idriss
04:23Arrive Meknes
Change of plan....
11:54Lunch at Mahaba Restaurant in Meknes
12:39Hotel Akouas
342d per room
checked in at 6:30am (normally only at nine)

Too tired, slept in morning
Driver come a bit early
13:24Moulay Idriss
13:34Round Minaret
14:11temple of Saturn... maybe Zeus
14:13Moulay Idriss town
14:16Arch De Triumph... not really
14:17Moulay Idriss
14:34House of Sea Monsters
14:35House of Wild Beasts Mosaics
14:37House of Nymph Bathing
14:39Mosaics of lady bugs
14:40Roman Drainage System
14:42Roman Bath house
14:43Roman Bath House Drainage
14:45House of Fish Mosaic
14:47Roman Manhole
14:55Bakery or big circle
15:11Arch de Triumph
15:14House of Acrobat
15:15Piscai Mosaic
15:17Arch de Triumph
For Caracalla and his mother Julia in 217ad, for the tax exemption...
15:19Arch de Triumph
15:21Arch de Triumph from house of Dog
Because a bronze dog was found here
15:23House of Acrobat
Not house of columns
15:27House of Ephebe
Found A statue crowned with ivy crown
15:28Mosaic from House of Ephebe
15:30Roman Bath in House of Ephebe
15:33House of Columns
15:34House of Columns Interior
15:35Inside house of columns
15:42House of Hercules
Hercules house is on right hand side (nothing of interest)
15:43inside House of Hercules
15:44Hercules 12 labors
15:47Hercules bath
15:48Hercules fountain
15:50Decumanus Maximus
Biggest road in city
15:50Arches of Romans
15:51The house without name
15:52The house of the Apse
15:54House of half Pillars
15:57Gordian Palace
15:59House of golden coin
16:04House of Venus
16:06Kidnap of Hylas by Nymph
16:07Diana Bathing
16:08Fish Mosaic in House of Venus
16:10House of Venus
17:02Return to Hotel Akouas
19:02Dinner at Akouas
The menu is quite expensive....
Spaghetti 40d
soup 25 d
drinks 15d?
This dinner, later I found out, was a total disaster. It disabled me for a whole day.
19:12Soup at Akouas restaurant
Thanks to the lovely soup, I got the most serious case of food poisoning in my life... next time, don't eat in a restaurant where I am the only customer...
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