journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Lake Merzouga

Oct 28, 2010 Thu
06:25Lake Merzouga
06:56Leaving Desert Camp
The dinner was OK
no breakfast
no wakeup call
Time seems to be very hurry
The desert camp is a mild disappointment, at least for the price I am paying.
OK, so there is Breakfast in hotel... not too bad...

The camel trek starts from 4:30 pm and return next morning at 7:30am
price: 550
kind of expensive, but I do get my private tent
08:28Breakfast at Hotel
12:09Lake Biking
14:07Lunch at Dar AR Restaurant
Biking is very tiring
Service seems very slow...
14:31:59 still waiting for food, but at least I got my sprite
14:38Berber Omelet at Dar AR
40D (include sprite)
Bus from Merzouga to Fes
19:00 to 5:30
19:37Dinner Time at Raid Ali
19:37Cooked Tomatoes Salad
19:48Dinner at Totmarroc
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