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Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Exit Bangkok

Oct 26, 2008 Sun
03:00Exit Bangkok
10:09national museum
Since no photo is allowed, here's a detailed word describtion.
History of Thai:
Sukhothai kingdom
Then Ayutthaya
Ayutthaya fell by Burma in 1569
Prince Naresuan restore independence in 1584
Ayutthaya fall finally in 1767 by Burma
then Thornburi Dynasty
King Tak Sin
Then Chakri Dynasty by King Rama I and built Bangkok
Chinese settled in Thailand under royal patronage
War with Vietnam, then peace
Territory yielded to western power during Rama IV times
Lost 9 parts of territory to Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam and Laos (but no mention on how those parts were gained) after King Ananda Mahidol (but he also modernized Thailand).
Current Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej ascended.

I thought the history gallery was all, but it was only a small part. The National Museum is huge and unorganized; the WWII museum in Kanchanaburi may have modeled after this.
11:29 museum pond
11:43 gallery of history
pre: chapel
11:50 walk to wat mahathat
11:54 bangkok puppy
11:55 wat mahathat
12:03Thawon Watthu
12:05 temple stupa
12:07 wat mahathat windows
12:07 wat mahathat monkeys
12:17return to hotel
12:35Lunch at Grande Ville Hotel
ordered a veggie soup
and a strange looking mushroom wide noodle
12:46 lunch at grande ville hotel
13:10taxi to airport
13:36 thai airport
13:59tug of war after Thailand Custom
Churning of the milk Ocean
13:59 vishnu stands on the top
14:19waiting for plane
14:19:57 sat at Lounge
16:04:25 on board
14:39 bangkok airport
16:04Fly to Hong Kong
16:43:11 in the sky
18:06:02 time change to Hong Kong time

20:06landed in Hong Kong
Dinner with Alex, Amore and his wife, and C
Play settler

Local time: 2008/10/27 00:48:00 board Vancouver Flight
Just in time, no a minute spare
Time change, gained a day back
20:20exited from custom
21:00Arrive YVR
23:44Home - End of trip
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