journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Siem Reap

Oct 18, 2008 Sat
03:00Siem Reap
07:10breakfast at Indochine 2
scramble egg, French bread and lemon juices 3.25
pretty good
07:16 cambodian breakfast at indochine 2
07:33flight to Siem Reap
07:34:16 going to airport
08:18:23 flight is really 12:30 instead of 9:30
10:10 siem reap from air
10:18 flight to siem reap
11:06 ankor way hotel
11:35Rolous Group
10US for the tuk tuk, if you are good at bargaining, maybe you can get a better price.
Generally, it's not worth visiting these temples. They are not that great, except for the models maybe. If you have extra time, better visit Pre Khan or Ta Som.
12:00 lolei
12:00 statue of lolei temple
12:04 faceless statue
12:05 dancing apsara
12:05 lolei and new temple
12:06 gecko of lolei temple
12:10 windows of new temple near lolei
12:19preah ko
12:20model of Angkor wat
12:21 model of angkor wat
12:22 preah ko
12:22 east entrance of angkor wat
12:23 lolei temple model
12:24 banteay srei temple model
12:25 bakong temple model
12:28 preah ko temple
12:29 preah ko
12:31 nandi - bull of shiva
12:33 preah ko sculpture
12:39 stone lion of preah ko
12:40 nandi of preah ko
12:41 preah ko
12:42 tubes of preah ko
12:59 bakong green
13:01 bakong temple entrance
13:05 bakong elephant
13:06 elephant of bakong temple
13:06 bakong
13:07 bakong temple
13:13 nandi of bakong
13:15 bakong tower
13:19 exit of bakong
13:40 pig bike
14:16lunch at pub street
14:22fried noodles with eggs
14:37Angkor what
14:43return to hotel
14:57Angkor Way Hotel
very nice
air con, tv, fridge
15:19 siem reap national museum
16:13bike to angkor wat
16:32 headless statue
16:32 angkor wat
16:41 vishnu
16:43 bas relief
16:44 monks of angkor wat
16:54 angkor sunset
16:56 playing tourists
16:58 angkor kids
17:07 plam of angkor
17:09 angkor inner entrance
17:11 angkor west entrance
17:12 bas relief gallery
17:16 angkor window
17:17 angkor tower
17:24 sunset at angkor
17:26 angkor girls
17:31 beautiful apsaras
18:40 toad across national museum
19:07concert of Dr Beat Rrichner
He organizes free concert to pledge money for his children hospital.
He works for Kantha Bopha. He used to look young and healthy, but now, he's an old man who has problem breathing.

I have to decide whether to save the children or spend the money to buy cold drinks? I just realized I can do both. So I donated 50 dollars, to collect some positive karma.

19:25 beat cello concert
20:39 pub street
20:53dinner at Khmer Kitchen
ordered a Amok curry and spring rolls
21:09 dinner at khmer kitchen
21:17 amok tofu - dinner at khmer kitchen
23:59Angkor Way Hotel
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