journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Cu Chi tunnel

Oct 15, 2008 Wed
03:00Cu Chi tunnel
08:00Cu Chi tunnel tour
10:01watching propaganda video
I'm not sure if it's intentional to make the propaganda video sounds comical. They say something like "American killed the ducks, chickens, even the Buddha statues." And phrases like "American Killer Hero"
10:11 tunnel making device
10:12 mouse tunnel
10:13 mouse tunnel
10:15 viet cong
10:15 vietnamese guerilla
10:31sandals made of tires
10:34 american tank
10:42 booby trap
10:43 door trap
10:45 door trap
10:46 recycling cluster bomb
10:55 vietnamese machine gun
10:57 shoting ak47
11:01 m16 machine gun
11:01 heavy machine gun
11:06 tunnel fast food
11:14 rubber sandals
last 10 years
12:14funeral truck
13:15fine art museum
first floor contemporary art
left hand side by Hong Linh
right hand side by Ki-Em, Pictures of some color lines, I am not sure what it means or if it is artistic
2nd floor revolution art
3rd floor ancient art
entr?e 10000D
13:20arts of Hong Linh
painting ceramics
13:41making love
tay nguyen funeral statue
13:50eight guardians heaven gates
13:51incense burner in ball shape
3rd floor
14:17war museum
14:19A3 tank
14:23Phan Thi Kim Phuc
burned by US napalm bomb
tay Ninh 1972
14:45chuong cop - tiger cages
This is used to imprison the "Vietnamese Heroes"
15:01historical truth
the Vietnam collection
15:09a distant war
15:10the quagmire
15:12final days
15:21Toyota and the A3 tank
15:32history museum
15:34war against Mongols
15:35Shiva lingam room
15:36Ho Chi Minh room
15:37primitive period
15:38primitive period
15:39hung kings period
15:40hung kings period
15:44struggle for independent
This is the period when Vietnam was ruled by China.
1000 years of history compacted into one little room
They probably don't want to be remembered too much about this history.
On a side wing, it has a mummy of Mrs Tran thi Hieu, died in 1869.
15:46Ly Dynasty
From Ngo, Dinh to Ly, Vietnam secured its independence, a strong emphasis on the None Chinese root of Vietnamese Culture.
15:48Tran dynasty
The Tran family led Vietnam to resist against the Mongols 3 times.
15:55ceramics of Asian countries
15:59Le Dynasty
15:59Le defeated Ming Aggressors
16:00tay son period
16:00tay son period
against Qing and Siamese "aggressors"
16:03Nguyen dynasty 1802
ended up as French Colony
16:06sculptures of Cambodia
16:10ethnic minority
16:12genie of the earth - Han Chinese
16:39Zoo and Botanical Garden
entr?e 8000D
16:58barking deer
I hope they are amphibians
17:00Burmese brow-antlered deer
17:13desert garden
17:17greater flamingo
17:41Notre Dam
19:20dinner at Ngom
Located a block south of Reunification palace
Ngom is always packed, popular with locals, great seafood hotpot, some veggie discs available, not too expensive.
23:59Nam Da Hotel
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