journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Hoi An - My Son

Oct 13, 2008 Mon
03:00Hoi An - My Son
08:13My Son
08:13:21 bus to my son
09:36my son souvenir shop
09:44 my son
09:51My Son
Built by the Champas.
Similar to Angkor, My Son use bricks for buildings, but Angkor Wat use stones.
Pronounce "mei son" Means "Beautiful Mountain".
10:29group B C D, my son
10:42group B1
Base of temple for royal family
Originally built in wood, then destroyed, and then rebuilt as stone 31 meters.

The temple is for God Shiva.
10:43temple C1
They use tree sap to stick bricks together.
Base symbolize face
Top the god
Middle the commoner?
It's call the Shiva tower, it's important for normal people.
10:47group C1
10:48lingam and yoney
Lingam on top, symbol of Shiva
10:50group B1
10:50window tower
10:52group C2
10:53group C entrance
10:55 my son goddess
10:55 headless statue of my son
10:58 hindu lingam of my son
11:01 out of wilderness
11:05 hindu pussy altar
11:07 my son - cluster bombs of vietnam war
11:07 wall sculpture
11:07 my son museum
11:10 my son lady
It used to be tallest, until destroyed by US bombs during the Vietnam War.
11:17group EF
11:30group K
11:34transport jeep
11:35tour end
11:57 kissing camels
13:32old town Hoi An
13:38 laughing guards
13:45Sa Huynh Culture Museum
Number 149
It is a very small museum, probably shouldn't be your first choice
After visiting the museum, I still have no clue what Sa Huynh is.
The captions aren't very elaborate.
2nd floor is revolution museum, more American bad, Vietnamese good kind of things.

The revolution museum, at least has more interesting stuff.
13:53artifacts in cemetery site at Xuan Lam
14:09Lunch at Vinh Hung
Block Number 147B
Next to the Cantonese Assembly Hall and the Covered Japanese Bridge
the restaurant seats are comfy
Veggie noodles about 35000
it does take a bit longer to get the food
14:32:55 food arrived
the food is about average
Everything tidy and clean
Got wrong bill
Actual bill cost 48000D
14:15 assorted lantern
14:34 fry noodles
14:40Japanese bridge
Location: STAR
NOT worth the ticket
14:45 monkey side of japanese bridge
14:46 giant peach
14:47 after rain
14:47 man powered pullcart competition
14:50 round window
14:54 hoi an bike
shouldn't be a first choice visit for old house, better avoided
The owner is Chinese but doesn't speak much Chinese.
14:58 old gate doors
shouldn't be a first choice visit for old house, better avoided
The owner is Chinese but doesn't speak much Chinese.
14:59 stone plates
number 47
they seem to be everywhere
15:04 yaly at hoi an
15:06 fukin assembly hall
15:11 bonsai bridge
15:12 china lion
pre: white tiger on the right
15:13 lime dragon guarding fukien chinese assembly hall
pre: white tiger on the right
15:15 fu kien chinese assembly hall
15:17 have a seat
15:22 ancestors altar
15:24 chinese junk boat
15:27 hanging incense
15:28 incense labyrinth
15:32 assembly seats
15:42mini great wall
15:47Hainam Chinese assembly hall
It is a free visit, what can I say?
15:51 ornated chinese doors
15:52 hainam chinese assembly hall
16:01 hoi an house
16:21 river school bus
16:21 overloaded river boat
Chartered my own boat for 50000
16:27 sailing hoi an river
16:28 motorbike boat
16:45 hoi an river cruise
17:14 vietnamese school girls
17:17 returning home
18:01return hotel
19:00dinner at Sakura
It is an expensive but good restaurant.
Located at the street close to the river and the Japanese Bridge
19:57 hoi an night scenery
It cost about 43000D
It looks good and taste good
19:58 spring rolls
It cost about 43000D
It looks good and taste good
20:11 fried mushroom
It has tofu but no pepper
about 48000D
20:33full moon celebration
23:59Hai Au Hotel
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