journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Hoi an

Oct 12, 2008 Sun
03:00Hoi an
10:20 hoi an boat tour
10:23 all terrain tricycle
10:23 water rickshaw
10:24 sailing with push cart
10:25 jesus on water
10:25 garden submarine
10:47 red lantern
10:51 folklore museum
11:10history museum
pre: handicraft museum
11:16 dead flowers
11:23 quan cong temple
11:24 raining crab and dogs
11:24 drowning crabs
11:25 tropical fruit in rainy days
11:25 rain flowers
11:48booked tour
my son boat and bus tour US7 per person
11:48rain walk
12:00 grocery in flood
12:01 farming in sea
12:01 cycle in water
12:02 dhl delivery guy
12:04 basket bathtub
12:05 vegetable hermit
12:09 bonding moment - mother and son
12:11 waterbug
12:11 rust eater
12:18 stacking little men
12:29 hoi an houses
12:35 sinking boat
12:36 hoi an umbrella girl
12:36 dancing in rain
12:37 boat people of vietnam
12:37 water fun
12:38 cupping rain with plastic cup
12:52 extreme river biking
12:52 bridge under the river kwai
13:07 lunch at mango house
Ordered Buddha's appetite, around 120000, more expensive than most, but the meal is elegantly presented, the empty stomach is exchanged with an empty wallet.
You can find this restaurant on the Lonely Planet Map
13:16 mango tofu
13:46 tan ky house
With a free tea. The owner give a brief introduction to the history of the house. I think it's a better choice than other old houses.
13:48 tan ky house
13:49 tan ky china plates
13:51 tan ky furniture
13:53 hundred
13:57 venice in vietnam
13:57 hoi an ticket booth
14:40Museum of Trade Ceramics
14:50 rickshaw in rain
15:00Handicraft Workshop
Watching folksongs
15:22 tiger woman
15:32 vase dance
15:33 chinese dancers
15:51folklore museum
15:55 folklore museum
15:56 folklore lanterns
16:06unicorn dance or lion dance
16:06 unicorn or lion dance
16:19 water lantern
16:21 genie of the earth
16:35 dinner at wan lu
a much cheaper place than the previous two
fried veggie 15000D
veggie spring rolls 20000D
and 7 UP 10000D
about 45000D Total
food is generally OK
taste Ok
presentation good
service is neutral
many tourists come here
an affordable lunch and dinner stop
16:39 dinner at wan lu
16:42 wan lu spring rolls
17:10return hotel
drying my stuff
23:59Hai Au Hotel
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