journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Leaving Hanoi

Oct 09, 2008 Thu
03:00Leaving Hanoi
10:07City Walk
10:22 temple of literature tourists
10:46 ho chi minh monument
10:48 ho chi minh bonsai
10:54Lenin Statue
10:55Lenin Statue
10:57Military museum
cost 200000
10:58 hanoi flag tribune
11:03the Hanoi flagtribune
11:06 ancient canons
11:07 wreckage artwork
11:08 hanoi military museum
11:09 us air force art
11:10 the hanoi flag tribune
11:12 wreckage artwork from flag tribune
11:12 american plane wreckage
11:12 ad-5 skyraider
11:21 jeep no 15770
11:21 t54b tank no 843
11:22 renault car
11:32 self-propelled howitzer 175mm
11:34Howitize auto propulse 175mm
11:35 american bombs
11:36 hellcat plane wreckage
11:37 f4 aircraft wreckage
11:40 mass grave of american plane wreckage
11:41 american killer hero
11:42 b52d bomber engine
11:46 anti-aircraft gun 57mm
11:57 tangerine and american planes
12:05 broken image of american war
12:14dragon fly
12:15mig 17
12:18 wreckage of vietnam war
12:20 mig 21 fighter no 4324 and flag tribune
a bit expensive in Vietnamese standard, so I only ordered a chocolate ice-cream
which they have none
so I ordered a coffee ice-cream instead
12:25Lunch time
I found the military museum at 11:00, half an hour before lunch time, I thought time was plentiful, that I still had half an hour before lunch. But lunch at Hanoi is longer than what is written on the sign. At exactly 11:01, the staffs are already in a great hurry to close down the indoor exhibits. I lingered on, to their greatest annoyance.

Lunch time is the holiest moment in Life of Hanoi. Trespassing the lunch time of a Hanoian could be as serious as trespassing the tomb of their ancestors.
So I quietly wander around the outdoor exhibits. The wreckage artwork is one of the best propaganda artwork in the world. Mangled pieces of American planes twisted into an artful masterpiece. So much bombs, missiles and bullets, yet Hanoi survived like an immortal mosquito.

Only if the Americans had leaned the secret, that if they had invaded Vietnam during Lunch time, they could have easily won the Vietnam War. Nobody does a damn thing during lunch time, I could have captured Hanoi at Lunch time and nobody would care.
I walked around, photographed everything, nobody bother to kick me out, lunch is too important to be disturbed, or maybe they thought I was a high level military officer, either way, my time in the museum is quite fulfilling.
13:24cu chi tunnels
13:29 hotwizer 155mm and flag tribune
14:14revolution museum
cost 10000
not much to see but they have the best air con in Hanoi
14:26revolution museum
I think most people are here to enjoy the air con
15:04history museum
16:19bonsai exhibition
16:23 jurassic tree
16:24 moaning fisherman
16:25 ginseng tree
16:25 mini pine tree
16:27 poem tree
16:27 amazon tree
16:30 tai chi tree
16:30 sprout tree
16:32 philosophy tree
16:33 pavilion tree
16:35 chess playing tree
16:36 boatman tree
16:38 beer friend tree
16:39 making out tree
16:42 drunken fisherman tree
16:42 wailing old man tree
16:43 herons tree
16:44 le bei bonsai
16:45 largest bonsai
16:45 deer lake bonsai
16:46 bamboo forest
16:47 good friends bonsai
16:55Hanoi Hilton opera
17:58Boarding Train to Hue
17:58Road crossing
The country I was born in are known for the best road crosser in the world, we can cross almost any road anywhere, legally or illegally.

I've travelled to many continents, numerous countries, for me, no road is uncrossable. But in Hanoi, I finally met my challenge.

This six million people city is crowded with four million mopeds, not those sissy, docile as a lamb kind of moped, but the ferocious, kill your m*****-f***** kind. They give new meaning to all terrain. They show up on roads, alleys, pavement, markets, shopping malls and even your bedroom. Nowhere is safe in Hanoi.

Every road you cross is a gamble to death. Until you master the skill of road crossing, you shall forever stuck on one side of the road. But fear not, it is not as complicated as you think. The road conditions can be divided into three stages:

Stage 1: green light of walking death trap
This stage happens when the green people light is solidly green. In any place of the world, it means safe road crossing, but in Vietnam, it is the best time for those killer moped to prey on innocent tourists. Crossing on this stage can be deadly.

Stage 2: flashing green light of imminent death
This stage begins when the little green walking people start flashing. That's the time all those killer moped roar their engines and jump on the slow walkers. Crossing at this stage will cause imminent death.

Stage 3: red light of ugly death
This stage starts before the walking people turns red. Crossing at this stage can result at a more ugly death than any road kill you ever see.

In short, crossing at any stage is a sure path to death. A master swordsman understands no matter how skillful they are, they will eventually die under the sword, there isn't any safe battle in the world. Same goes for a master road crosser. As long as you signed a will and buy a big insurance, you shall be ready to cross the road. Your life is not in your hand. Understand that death is but a return to the land of before born. If you can master these mindsets, crossing the road at any stage is an opportunities to the new land of the other side.
23:59Train to Hue
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