journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal


Oct 08, 2008 Wed
08:42Breakfast at Koto Restaurant
08:47Koto restaurant
This is a NGO restaurant helping street kids to gain job skill.
08:47 omelet - friends resturant
made by the wonderful and friendly kids
08:49 omelet
made by the wonderful and friendly kids
09:42Ho Chi Minh Complex
09:45Canadian embassy
09:47 ho chi minh mausoleum plaza
09:47 revolution street lights
09:51 ho chi minh tomb
09:51 vietnamese royal guards
09:51 royal guard of ho chi minh
09:52 bonsais along president palace
10:24bamboo forest near Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
10:24 bamboo forest near ho chi minh mausoleum
10:29presidential palace
10:30 presidential palace
10:35French car for comrade ho
10:36Russian car for Uncle Ho
10:36 house of uncle ho
10:39 buddha tree
pre: roots of Buddha tree
10:42 ho chi minh house
10:42 bomb shelter
10:47house of 69
It is not a sex position.
Ho lived here during Vietnam war and when later he was old.
10:49Buddha tree
10:52palm tree on top
two tree in one
10:54 root of palm
11:03one pillar pagoda
11:06 one pillar pagoda
11:08 stairs of one pillar pagoda
11:09 lotus pond of one pillar pagoda
11:11 ho chi minh museum
11:16 comrade ho chi minh statue
11:20 ho chi camerman
11:23 night of new york
11:23 chi ming revolution
11:28 picasso art
11:29 strike for freedom
11:34 golden gong
12:00Temple of Literature
12:15 entrance to temple of literature
12:16 hanoi temple of literature
12:20 turtles of exam candidates
12:24 false tree
12:34 chinese sky emperor
13:14Hoa Lo Prison
It was a hell hole when the French Colonist used this as prison, but a country club when the Vietnamese Government used this as American POW camp according to the official agenda.
13:27 hanoi hilton - prison camp
13:35ceramics from old village
French turned this place into a prison
13:39 hanoi prisoners
13:44 communists prisoners
13:56 cup of tea
13:56 armless teacup
13:58 hanoi tower from prison
14:02 prison art
14:06 female prisoners
14:08 may chem - guillotines
14:13prisoner sentenced to death
14:17 memorial for vietnamese during colonial times
14:34John MacCain's flight suit
14:36 john maccain's flight suit
14:36 john mccain flight suit
14:54 maison centrale
15:07woman's museum
15:11woman's museum
16:00turtle tower
16:05turtle tower
16:05 turtle tower
16:10 turtle tower balloons
16:16Le thai to monument
16:19Le thai to monument
16:33St Joseph cathedral
16:34 st joseph cathedral
16:35 st joseph church
16:36 jesus in vietnam
16:39 st joseph cathedral praying hall
16:43 cathedral window
16:45 cathedral stained glass window
16:50return hotel
four million of these in a six million city
18:15water puppet show
After Hanoi death ride
19:41Dinner at Ladybird Restaurant
The food is cheap, the seafood hotpot looks good.
But I'm a veggie guy. The noodles were made from instant noodles.
20:17 ladybird restaurant
20:17 spring rolls of ladybird
20:21 stir fries of ladybird
21:10 memorial for vietnamese during colonial times
21:10 hanoi tower
21:39beer corner
21:43beer corner
Vietnamese 3000 d a beer
About 10 cents each. It is the cheapest beer in the world. It is cheap but shanty. The rich tourists should really drink the expensive beer.
22:48return hotel
23:59Victory Hotel
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