journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal


Oct 03, 2008 Fri
09:34 vientiane riverside hotel
10:21Laos National Museum
10:27 lao national cultural hall
11:27National Museum
No photograph allowed inside
So here's my notes:

Lao formed by Fa Ngum
He borrowed army from Khmer empire to conquer Laos.
The history of Laos is quite similar to China.
King met Dutch man, Dutch man pay respect, it was colonized by French, and then revolution to communism etc.
11:44Lunch at Taj Maha
Located at the south side of Lao National Cultural Hall
Recommended by Lonely Planet
Ordered a green Spanish dish
The staffs are quite Lay back, perhaps too much so
11:57 fried rice and algoo at taj maha
Vegetable Byrani is pretty good and well presented
12:17Wat Mixayaram
12:18 wat mixayaram
12:23wat hai sok
12:27Sanga College
12:31 wat inpeng
12:31 wat inpeng
12:31 cloth hanging at drum tower
12:37 pearl dragon
12:38 dragon viper
12:43mini temple
12:48 buddha protected by the naga king
On the sixth day of Enlightenment, the Naga king protected Buddha from the storm
12:51 life sticks
12:56 fish eating hydra
12:57 plumeria - national flower of laos
12:59return to hotel
14:21Buddha Park
14:27 sea shell
14:27 eccentric brahma
14:28 old man and the solider
14:29 buddha robot
14:29 three headed buddha
14:30 multi handed goddess
14:30 ufo robot
14:30 giant buddha robot
14:31 giant buddha robot
14:33 four armed hourseman
14:34 hindu barber
14:34 brahma head
14:36 shiva spaceship
14:37 ho chi minh buddha
14:38 octopus buddha
14:40 happy buddha
14:41 ho chi minh shiva
14:41 indra riding airavata
14:42 crossbow goddess
14:42 goddess swallowed by dragon
14:45 shiva wheel
14:48 churning of the sea of milk
14:51 buddha park overview
14:52 tv antenna
14:53 brahma statue
14:54 tree of buddha
15:13friendship bridge
15:20Beer Lao factory
15:35 grasshopper in beer lao factory
15:36 beer grasshopper
15:43 beer lao
16:47Pha That Luang
16:52 pha that luang temple
16:54 pha that luang - national emblem of laos
16:59 laos red lion
17:01 buddha temple
17:08 sunset buddha
17:09 sunset buddha of pha that luang
17:09 sunset buddha
17:13 sunset pha that luang
17:15 cartoon door
17:16 tales of buddha
17:25 badminton at pha that luang
17:26 sunset vientiane
17:29 football game at pha that luang
17:30 king setthathirat
17:32 pha that luang gate
17:33 sunset gate
17:35 national symbol of laos
17:37 laos national football team
17:38 laos dvd market
17:39 dvd shopping in vientiane
17:56 that dam
17:57that dam
19:19Dinner at Brsserie and Resturant
ordered a veggie pizza
it was closed to the Riverside hotel
20:06 dinner at brsserie and resturant
21:00Martini Club
The club was cozy and well decorated
23:59Riverside Hotel
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