journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Fly to Vientiane

Oct 02, 2008 Thu
03:00Fly to Vientiane
08:56Breakfast at Jomas
09:47 mouse trap
09:54 hello kitty in luang prabang
The hello kitty belongs to out driver.
I think it is very funny.
10:11 journal of hostel
10:31 flower pot of luang prabang
10:40to airport
11:08 laos child
11:08 children of luang prabang
11:33waiting for plane
14:10Riverside Hotel
14:53 wat xieng nyean
15:00 typical laos temple roof
15:04 dried nuts
15:11nam phu
15:14 colonial villa
15:19 monks before presidential palace
15:21presidential palace
15:22 presidential palace
15:23 patuxai
Means Victory Gate or Gate of Triumph
It is a monument in the center of Vientiane built in 1962 or 1968.
The cement was donated by the US government.
The original intention for the donation was to build an airport runway.
It became a vertical runway as a result.
The monument is situated on Lan Xang Boulevard, which has been called the "Champs Elys?es of the East".
15:26haw pha kaew
15:29 haw pha kaew
15:29 haw pha kaew stiarcases
15:31 haw pha kaew buddhas
15:42 haw pha kaew dragon
15:44 stone dragon heads
15:45 ancient laos statue
15:46 laos flowers
15:48 hope of new democracy
15:50 buddha in yellow silk
15:54 haw pha kaew temple
It was the oldest surviving temple in Vientiane.
15:58 roof dragon
16:04 thousand buddhas
16:04 enlightened buddha statue
16:07 buddha statues
16:10 hundred lives of buddha
16:11 buddha experience in laos
16:14 sand statue
16:18 three lives of buddhas
16:21 laos dragon roof
16:25 children buddha
16:26 abbot house
16:26 cat drinking
16:28 poor little kitty
16:29 sadness of kitty
16:29 lonely kitty in buddha monastry
16:31 abbot temple
16:33 buddha tower
16:35 gold leafed temple
17:51 patuxai
17:51 patuxai u turn
17:52 patuxai and taxi
17:54 patuxai inside
17:56 patuxai goddess
17:58 patuxai at night
18:07That Dam
18:09 that dam
It was expensive and spicy.
I guess I can also call it good.
23:59Riverside Hotel
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